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“Caught cold as ice” – cold sauna for health, sport and wellness

People who are plagued by rheumatism, fibromyalgia, arthritis and neurodermatitis or who suffer from multiple sclerosis and psoriasis can benefit from whole-body cold.

“Renaud Syndrome”
People with this clinical picture are officially not allowed to undergo cold therapy. A test with a customer says otherwise … She could relieve her pain and the medication could be stopped.

Professional athletes use cold therapy to increase motivation. After a completed sports unit or a competition, the extreme cold helps with regeneration. It also accelerates wound healing in the event of injuries.

Anyone who would like to make this cold therapy their fountain of youth or use it to increase their quality of life should seek advice.
If in doubt, please also consult a doctor.

“Caught freezing cold” is not just about the cold … also diet and exercise.

Here one / two pointers!
I am planning a fasting week on October 1st, 2022. Please contact me for more information.
2. You can register for Nordic Walking at any time.
For beginners there is personal training before going into a group.

Contact details:
0152 28597264
03381 2589274

Dear meant “ice cold greetings”

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