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Cardi B: She should have performed at Biden’s swearing-in

Should there actually have been an artist at Joe Biden’s (78) swearing-in? On January 20, the time had come: the new President of the United States officially took office. There were also three appearances by megastars at the ceremony: Garth Brooks, Jennifer Lopez (51) and Lady Gaga (34), who all sang patriotic songs. Now Cardi B (28) spoke up and said: She should have been the fourth performer.

“Ugh, I was supposed to sing ‘WAP’ at the inauguration, but I had a dentist appointment … Maybe next time then”the rapper revealed Twitter. It was a joke, however. She would have thought it funny to have performed her hit at the swearing-in of the Democrat Biden. Because the text had “angered a number of Republicans” last year. The reason: In the song, the musician brings up a lot of sexual practices.

Cardi B but is not only proud that her song angered so many Republicans. “I am grateful and glad that […] ‘WAP’, […] not only broke so many records, but also started a discussion that I never thought would be so big “, emphasized the chart topper during her laudation at the Billboard Woman of the Year Awards in December 2020.

Lady Gaga and Joe Biden
Cardi B in May 2019
Cardi B at a concert in Miami in January 2020

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