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Cameron Diaz: family is everything!

Your loved ones are the center of her life and come first. Standing in front of the camera and being a mom at the same time simply doesn’t fit into the “balance” of her life for the pretty blonde at the moment. She couldn’t imagine returning to the rigorous world of filmmaking as a mother. She first experienced the reality of a working mom in the movie business through a friend who was working on giant films and who thrived in the fast-paced environment. But when this friend started a family, her priorities shifted. When she was working as an actress herself, Diaz said she devoted 100% of her energy to her films. But their priorities have also shifted. In an interview for Yahoo! Finance Presents explains Cameron: “For me, I know what my relationship is for the rest of my life. I gave 100 percent there, so now it’s just a different time in my life. Now I’m here and that’s the most fulfilling what I’ve ever done in my life. Having a family, being married and having our little core of a family. It’s just the very best. ” She admits, “I don’t have what it takes to give a film what it needs to be made. All my energy is here. ”

The Hollywood beauty hasn’t appeared in a feature film since she played the role of Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’ in 2014. She recently revealed that she wasn’t interested in relaunching her Hollywood career anytime soon as she didn’t have “16 hours.” [ihres] Day “without her daughter.

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