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Bizarre dispute in court: ex of Sofia Vergara cannot get egg cells

Bizarre argument in court
Sofia Vergara’s ex cannot get egg cells

Years ago, actress Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend at the time had two of her eggs fertilized and frozen. After the love-out, her ex demands that the embryos be born by a surrogate mother. In court, however, the 45-year-old fails with his wish.

After nearly seven years of litigation over her frozen embryos, Sofia Vergara may finally breathe a sigh of relief. A US court now banned her ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb from having the fertilized egg cells carried to term by a surrogate mother without the actress’ “explicit written” consent. This is reported, among other things, by the US portal “Page Six”.

The judge also ruled that Loeb broke a contract between him and Vergara when he set up a trust fund for the fertilized eggs and filed a lawsuit on their behalf. The bizarre legal battle was made possible because Louisiana is the only US state in which embryos have rights.

Loeb made use of this law and wanted to first secure custody and later the right to life for the fertilized egg cells. For this he also got support from a Christian-oriented law firm, which particularly takes care of the concerns of anti-abortionists. Loeb’s lawyer wants to challenge the verdict according to “Page Six”. The 45-year-old has to hope for the highest instance in the state, the Supreme Court in Louisiana.

Vergara, best known for her role in the US series “Modern Family”, started a relationship with Loeb in 2010. They separated in May 2012, but got back together shortly afterwards and celebrated engagement. In 2013, the couple had the embryos frozen. After the final separation in May 2014, a dispute broke out over the fertilized egg cells. Vergara has been married to actor Joe Manganiello since 2015. The 48-year-old has a son from a previous marriage, who was born in 1992.



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