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Ben Affleck: Are you getting engaged to Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck is said to be planning a re-engagement to Jennifer Lopez and has now been spotted at the Hollywood jewelry store.

Ben Affleck, 49, is said to be overjoyed in his new found relationship with Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez, 52. The two have been spending every free minute since their newly inflamed love and their families should also be enthusiastic about the new development. Ben and Jen should be so sure of their cause that Hollywood is already rumored to be a wedding.

Ben Affleck: is he planning to get engaged to Jennifer Lopez again?

On Monday, August 23, 2021, Ben was seen at the luxury jeweler Tiffany in Los Angeles, as he was shown precious engagement rings. Apparently the shopping trip was an important thing, because Ben came into the store accompanied by trusted shopping advisers: his son Samuel Affleck, 9, and his mother Christine Anne Boldt, 79, were there when Ben Affleck got the engagement rings rummaged through the right piece of jewelry. Insiders are pretty sure Ben picked out an engagement ring for his beloved Jennifer.

On the second try everything should be different

It’s not the first time Ben has planned an engagement to his beloved Jennifer. In November 2002, he asked for her hand and presented her with a ring with a 6.1-carat pink diamond by Harry Winston, which allegedly cost him $ 2.5 million – the equivalent of about 2.14 million euros. But the luxury clunker shouldn’t bring the two of them any luck. Both got cold feet shortly before the planned mega-wedding in 2003 and not only canceled the wedding, but also ended their hot romance a little later. The couple officially justified the cancellation with “too much media attention”, but insiders revealed that the two simply got cold feet because everything suddenly happened so quickly.

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Family harmony is particularly precious to them

This time everything should be different and it is particularly important to Jennifer that all family members are on board during the planning and are privy to decisions. It wasn’t until the weekend that Ben and Jen invited their entire group of children plus Ben’s mother to the trendy musical “Hamilton”. It is important to both that the children get on well with each other. In addition to their luxury properties in Montana and the Hamptons, the couple are now also looking for a suitable home in Los Angeles, in which all of the two children should have a place. The luxury-spoiled Hollywood stars are ready to spend up to 85 million US dollars – the equivalent of around 73 million euros – for the cute property, as real estate agents on “TMZ” report.

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