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Amanda Seyfried criticizes influencer – and gets accusations herself

That backfired
Amanda Seyfried criticizes famous influencer – and is now being accused of herself

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried’s criticism of an influencer backfires

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Because an influencer showed her supposedly too thin body, she was criticized by Amanda Seyfried – which is why the actress is now being accused of bodyshaming.

Influencers are often criticized for their self-portrayal on social networks. Be it their alleged craving for validity, their obsession with brands or the portrayal of their bodies – Instagram stars are easy targets, primarily because their entire portrayal takes place publicly and every user can comment. If he wants to.

Amanda Seyfried criticizes successful influencer

Actress Amanda Seyfried apparently wanted. On her own Instagram profile, the 33-year-old shared a screenshot of a comment that her friend made under the post of a well-known influencer. In it, Seyfried’s girlfriend criticizes the said influencer propagating a wrong body image. The background: The Instagram blogger, whose username Seyfried does not name herself (but which many users reveal under the post), recently posted a picture of herself in a bikini. She wrote: “I am proud of my body after two children.” Because the young mother is much too thin, however, the photo is dangerous, said Seyfried’s friend in her comment. “Honeychild, you glorify an unhealthy body image (I don’t care if it’s natural, don’t even try that shit with me),” she wrote. “Young girls don’t need more pictures of emaciated women like you, thank you very much.” Instead of using her platform for self-expression, the influencer should rather take care of the children who are locked up on the US border with Mexico.

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And Seyfried? She shared the comment anonymously and praised her friend for speaking the supposed truth so courageously.

Seyfried is accused of bodyshaming

The only problem: Seyfriends subscribers are now accusing the actress of bodyshaming. The formulations of her friend, which the actress found so brave and therefore shared, are actually condescending and degrading, say many users. “You shame a woman who has done nothing to you,” writes a user under the post. “Why do people judge others at all? It is either envy or hatred, because otherwise why should you abuse someone else for no reason?”, Wonders another.

Apparently Seyfried had not expected this reaction himself. In another posting, the “Mamma Mia” star has now apologized to the influencer if she was injured. You think the discussion about body images and the influence that Internet stars have on young girls, but still important.

source: Instagram “mingey”


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