Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Weinstein plaintiff Paz de la Huerta is still suffering today

In 2011, Paz de la Huerta achieved what many actresses only dream of: she was the star of the hit series “Boardwalk Empire”, her friends included film greats like Jack Nicholson and she was sponsored by the most influential film producer in Hollywood at the time: Harvey Weinstein.

But she had to pay dearly for contact with the cinema mogul and the sex offender convicted today: Weinstein is said to have raped de la Huerta twice in her apartment. The trial against him is currently ongoing in Los Angeles. If you talk to the petite actress, you can feel the emotional injuries in her answers. “Just because Weinstein is in prison doesn’t mean that he’ll stop hurting me,” she says – and thus makes it clear what victims of sexual violence go through: Even when the monster is gone, the pain remains.



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