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Paul Janke goes to OnlyFans: Does the ex-bachelor pull bare?

Paul Janke is now available on Onlyfans.  Here he is sitting in Munich in front of the logo of the stripper combo Chippendales.

Paul Janke is now on OnlyFans: The platform is known for slippery content. Janke became known in 2012 as “The Bachelor”. The photo was taken in Munich in 2018.

Paul Janke, the ex-“Bachelor”, has discovered a new business model for himself. Instead of roses, the 39-year-old wants to distribute nude photos of himself to his fans in the future. At OnlyFans.

Mallorca. Ex- “Bachelor” Paul Janke (39) is known as an eternal bachelor and a heartthrob. He likes to show what he’s got on social media. Now, however, Janke fans could see parts of the TV star’s body that he had previously kept secret. Because the 39-year-old is planning a career on the erotic portal OnlyFans.

The reality TV star is already successful on Instagram, with more than 118,000 people following him here (as of July 2021). So it’s no wonder that Paul now wants to use this reach to make money.

Paul Janke plans OnlyFans career

On the paid platform OnlyFans, mainly erotic and pornographic content can be seen. Users can view nude photos or videos of their idols that they do not show publicly on their social media channels.

Paul explains in the “Prominent” interview: “Of course everything is allowed. You can show what you want. ”He wouldn’t want to show too much himself, however, as he reveals in the interview:“ I think I would never show my little piece here. ”With this he is obviously alluding to his body.

Paul Janke at “OnlyFans”: “Bachelor” has a budget

The TV star has come up with a moderate cost plan for his OnlyFans profile and the explosive content. He doesn’t want the monthly fee to be too expensive for users and says, “I think good content is being delivered. But it mustn’t hurt. ”There will definitely be sexy pictures on the 39-year-old’s account.

Celebrities such as heavily pregnant Georgina Fleur (31), Proll millionaire Bastian Yotta (44) and the controversial musician Katja Krasavice (24) are also registered with OnlyFans. The TV stars earn a lot of money with their accounts and share exclusive insights into their private lives.

Janke was able to gain experience in getting naked through his appearances at the Chippendales. In the male strip group, the reality TV star was already well received by women. It remains to be seen whether this has any advantages for the OnlyFans account.

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