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Open cardigans on bare skin are trendy right now

Megan Fox wears the pin top by Jacquemus.  (Image: Dukas)

Megan Fox wears the pin top by Jacquemus. (Image: Dukas)

There is (still) no name for the part of the body that is highlighted by the latest fashion trend, only for the items of clothing that are needed: “front tie top”, “lace up top” and “pin top” they are called. The fashionable person understands this to mean open jackets that are only closed over the sternum; and that with a pin that is provided with a designer name.

Idea from the 1990s

Yes, it has happened before. Stars like Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow (her green Donna Karan outfit as Estrella in “Great Expectations” will not be forgotten) wore comparable tops or normal blouses and cardigans in the 90s and left most of the buttons open to reveal skin.

Now designers such as Jacquemus and Cult Gaia are pushing this idea further: only a thin needle holds the two parts of a top together over the chest. Top or bra underneath? Nothing. The plus-size model Devyn Garcia showed at Jacquemus on the catwalk that the trend works regardless of dress size.

Breast yes, nipple no

After actress Megan Fox showed herself in such a Jacquemus jacket, the Lyst fashion platform recorded a search increase for the “La maille Pralù cropped cardigan” of more than 50 percent in just 48 hours. The hype surrounding the jacket continues a trend that has been emerging for a long time: The focus is currently on the staging of the female breast, but without showing it. Probably also an Insta thing, because American prudishness forbids depicting female nipples there.

The preliminary stages of this new trend were the “underboobs”, in which the lower part of the breast flashes out, or the new knitted bras – actress Katie Holmes, for example, staged one of these. And so the return of fashionable eroticism is already being sung by fashion magazines. But it’s not just about sexyness: In the course of female self-determination, covering or not covering “sinful” body parts is also an issue. Dress rules are being renegotiated.

Fashion for the photo

The trend hardly seems suitable for everyday use. Although fashion codes can sometimes change faster than you would think: A stripe of the belly under the top and blazer is no longer a problem. But even if the cardigans are taped to the body in such a way that you never show more skin than you would like, very few workplaces are fashionably savvy enough to properly classify the bare front.

In addition, there is another practical consideration: In what weather should you want to wear such a cardigan? Just like knitted bras or hot pants, the “pin tops” will probably spend a lot of time in the closet after the photo shoot. In order to experience a revival maybe 20 years later as “typical 2021”.

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