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Jennifer Lawrence: What is the Oscar winner doing today?

Jennifer Lawrence
What is the Oscar winner doing today?

Jennifer Lawrence turns 30 on August 15th. What does the US actress, who took a long break, actually do?

For her performance in the tragic comedy “Silver Linings” (2012), Jennifer Lawrence won the 2013 Oscar in the category “Best Actress”. In doing so, she achieved what many actresses can only dream of during their lives. For some time now, however, it has become quiet about the US actress, who dropped out of school at the age of 14 and married the art dealer Cooke Maroney (34) last October. After her 30th birthday on August 15th, she seems to want to get started again.

From school dropout to heroine in “The Hunger Games”

The young Jennifer Shrader Lawrence from Kentucky was discovered by a model scout on the streets of New York in 2004 and persuaded to go for a casting. But she quickly decided to try acting instead, as she told Vanity Fair magazine in 2013. After several auditions, Lawrence dropped out of school and ended up in the film city of Los Angeles to concentrate on a screen career – against the wishes of her mother, who tried to convince her to become a model.

Lawrence’s plan worked, however. After several small film roles, including Kim Basinger (66) and Charlize Theron (44) in the drama “Auf brennender Erde” (2008), her breakthrough came in 2010 with “Winter’s Bone”. In preparation for her role as a poor teenager, the then 20-year-old even learned how to skin a squirrel – and was rewarded with her first Oscar nomination in the “Best Actress” category.

In 2011, Jennifer Lawrence landed her first role in a Hollywood blockbuster. In “X-Men: First Decision” she embodied the shape-changing mutant Mystique. One year later she rose to the A-tier of the dream factory with the film adaptation of the novel “The Hunger Games”. Katniss Everdeen, the feisty heroine of the dystopian science fiction series, played Lawrence three more times in the equally successful sequels through 2015.

The US-American reached the zenith of her career in 2013 at the age of 22, when she received the golden boy in the main female category on the Oscar stage in Los Angeles. The role of the young widow Tiffany Maxwell, who suffers from a borderline personality disorder in “Silver Linings”, also earned Lawrence a Golden Globe in the same year.

Nude photos on the net

A year later, Jennifer Lawrence caused a sensation with nude photos – albeit involuntarily. An anonymous hacker had posted candid photos of countless stars on the Internet. In addition to the then 24-year-old, showbiz colleagues such as Rihanna (32, “Diamonds”), Kate Upton (28, “Die Schadenfreundinnen”) and Kirsten Dunst (38, “Spider-Man”) fell victim to the stranger. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence later described the incident as a “sex crime” and stressed that he did not have to apologize for the pictures. “I was in a loving, healthy long-distance relationship for four years. And either your boyfriend watches porn – or he just looks at pictures of you,” the star explained at the time.

The actress’s nude pictures were taken during her relationship with colleague Nicholas Hoult (30, “Tolkien”). She fell in love with the British of the same age on the set of “X-Men: First Decision” in 2010, but the couple separated four years later. In 2016 Lawrence met – also at work – the much older director Darren Aronofsky (51, “Black Swan”), with whom she was together for a little over a year.

I said yes in the presence of Adele and “BFF” Kris Jenner

The film star seems to have found great love in the art dealer Cooke Maroney. After Lawrence met the New Yorker in 2018, he already asked for her hand in February 2019. Almost eight months later, the couple sailed into the port of marriage as part of a private ceremony on the noble Belcourt estate in Newport (US state Rhode Island). A number of international superstars were there, including Emma Stone (31, “La La Land”), Kris Jenner (64), Amy Schumer (39) and Adele (32, “Hello”).

Jennifer Lawrence has close friendships with fellow actress Schumer and singer Adele. Especially with the British singer, the American apparently likes to let the puppets dance. Last year, the friends were spotted partying in a gay bar in New York, and the “Skyfall” interpreter is said to have even hosted the Hollywood star’s hen party. At least that’s what the British “Sun” reported in July 2019.

The now 30-year-old also counts Kim Kardashian West (39) and her mother Kris Jenner among her friends in Hollywood. The latter once referred to “JLaw” as “best friend” in an Instagram post. Lawrence himself is said to have been to the house of the reality TV family, whom “People” describes as “smart, down-to-earth, normal and funny”. The actress also told Vogue that “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on the set of her film “Mother!” ran in a loop.

Professionally things got quiet after films like “American Hustle” (2013) – Lawrence received another Golden Globe for “Best Supporting Actress” for the gangster film – as well as “Red Sparrow” (2018) and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” (2019) the talent from Kentucky. She announced in the fall of 2017 on US televisionwanting to take a two-year break. After a year and a half she had already had enough of that. In April 2019, the magazine “Variety” reported that the actress had signed for a new project.

Four new film projects – and a Twitter account

In addition to the drama “Red, White and Water”, a film project by director Lila Neugebauer, the film database “IMDb” lists three other upcoming films with Jennifer Lawrence. The true crime character study “Mob Girl”, in which she becomes a Mafia bride, as well as “Bad Blood”, in which she is supposed to impersonate Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes (36), and “Don’t Look Up”, one Netflix comedy about two astronomers. Your time-out seems to be over for good.

The 30-year-old has also been there since mid-June 2020 in the social network Twitter active. With her tweets, the Oscar winner draws attention to racism and grievances with regard to the US legal system, which disadvantages black citizens in particular, as well as the upcoming US election.


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