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Forest fire season in Italy: Almost 130 reports of arson

The forest protection unit of the Italian police reported almost 130 suspected arsonists and arrested four this summer. In addition, they had complained about administrative offenses in connection with the forest fires with a total value of 530,000 euros, announced the Carabinieri on Monday in Rome.

Most forest and bush fires between June and August were started with intent or carelessness. With the help of the fire, people wanted to renew pastureland or take revenge on the public administration. Vandalism was also a reason.

According to the police, the regions of Calabria, Campania and Apulia in southern Italy and the large islands of Sardinia and Sicily were particularly affected by fires this year. The persistent drought, heat and strong winds also contributed to the fact that it spread.

The flames raged in many parts of the country since the end of July. Since then, civil defense has been sending fire-fighting planes to the affected regions on a daily basis. In some cases, the fires also reached residential areas. According to media reports, five people were killed in connection with the fires in Calabria. The fire brigades took action against the fires tens of thousands of times across the country. There was considerable damage to agriculture. The flames also destroyed areas in protected nature parks. (saw / sda / dpa)

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