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Careers only with vitamin B?

What is happening with Heidi Klums, 48, daughter Leni Klum, 17? There are young girls who would work their way out to get Leni’s jobs. Your disadvantage? Your name is not Klum! Our people department management finds it problematic that you can only get this far with a famous name and good contacts …

Heidi Klum’s daughter starts her career

She’s young, pretty – and has a famous mother! And that’s why, in my opinion, too Heidi Klums daughter Leni Klum was on the tracks of “Vogue” and “Glamor” and just bagged an advertising deal with GHD and Chopard. Hello?! I mean, CHOPARD! For comparison: this brand also advertises Julia Roberts (53), who has been in front of the camera for 35 years, has worked hard for her success and for me is one of the most beautiful women in the world (of course, tastes are different).

Leni, on the other hand, appeared out of nowhere and – how do you always say so beautifully – has not yet achieved anything. I hardly think that they stand in line with numerous girls for model casting and really for one Job fight got to. How does it have to feel for all these young women when they see him Klum offspring get campaign after campaign that you can only dream of? Leni’s key advantage is simply that her mother’s name is Heidi Klum.

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Leni Klums and Vitamin B?

vitamin B open doors! To be honest: At 1.68 meters, she is actually too small for modeling and her great figure is a bit too feminine. “Those who say that I am too small or not pretty enough are counterproductive for our world, which is becoming more and more diverse”, Leni justifies himself. Diversity and openness or not: I can’t become a cardiologist with a secondary school diploma. Many industry experts are still of the opinion that as a model you have to meet certain requirements. It’s hard to imagine that Leni really got over the Catwalks in New York or Paris runs and High fashion presents.

For one Influencer career on the other hand, it is predestined. Around 834,000 people already follow the Mini-Klum and they are already using their reach for good things. So she calls for climate protection and says that she will get $ 50,000 out of her own for it own assets donated. Wait what ?! The girl is 17, just starting her career and has so much money in her account ?! Awesome! Oh, that probably comes from her summer job in an ice cream parlor, which she recently posted on Instagram. Then everything is clear …

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