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Things Seen and Heard – Creeping horror in the trailer: Netflix horror with Amanda Seyfried

If you have massive horror scenarios (Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead) and sweaty (Alexandre Ajas Oxygen) preferred, will get its money’s worth with Netflix in the near future. But even friends of creeping, leisurely horror do not go entirely empty-handed. Among other things, it ensures that Things Seen and Heard with Mamma Mia-Star Amanda Seyfried (Jennifer’s body) in a rather unusual role, the director Robert Pulcini (American Splendor, Nanny Diaries) as a supernatural thriller in the tradition of When the gondolas are in mourning and Castle of Terror circumscribes. Whoever effectively set his horror pleasure out of possible Jumpscares, is probably out of place here.

Because a commercial horror film is Things Seen and Heard not become, Pulcini is already making clear. In return, Netflix subscribers can expect a story that continues to come to a head over a period of almost two hours (119 minutes to be precise) and, above all, lives from the deranged relationship between the two main characters.

Creeping Gothic horror

Accordingly, the official trailer begins timidly when Catherine Clare (Seyfried) and her husband George (James Norton) move from the city to the country. Catherine reluctantly accepts her new role as a housewife, noting at the beginning: “George wants this [den Umzug] so much, and I owe it to him to at least try. ”So here it already becomes clear: Something is obviously wrong between the newly wed couple, who appear to lead a perfect life.

The new environment brings out the worst. © Netflix

Because no sooner have they arrived in the sleepy Hudson Valley and their new home, their hitherto perfect relationship takes an unexpectedly eerie turn. Pulcini does not yet want to reveal whether this is due to ghosts or a gruesome murder, which is already being teased at one point in the trailer. Until the Netflix premiere on April 29th, he’ll give us so much:

“You will be surprised how closely the supernatural elements are woven into the story. Things Seen and Heard is a Gothic ghost story, but more in the tradition of Castle of Terror and with a female heroine who tries to find her peace in all of this. ”Whether Amanda Seyfried after David Finchers Deficiency her next Oscar-worthy performance? In any case, she is in good company, shares the film with co-stars like Natalia Dyer from Netflix ‘ Stranger Things, F. Murray Abraham (Grand Budapest Hotel), Karen Allen (Indiana Jones).

© Netflix

Written on April 1st, 2021 by Torsten Schrader

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