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Orlando Bloom has “not enough” sex with Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom explains in an interview that his love life with Katy Perry leaves a lot to be desired.

In August 2020, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry became parents to a daughter named Daisy Dove. In an interview with “The Guardian”, the actor speaks surprisingly honestly about how the birth of the child affects the couple’s love life. Currently, they have too little sex, as Bloom reveals.

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In the “Guardian” interview, Orlando Bloom is first asked with short, concise questions such as “When was the last time you cried?” or “What is your biggest fear?” faced. Finally, an intimate question comes up: “How often do you have sex?” – Orlando Bloom doesn’t have to answer that, but still does: “Not often enough.”

However, the actor immediately followed up with an explanation for why things are not going so well with Katy Perry in bed: “After all, we have only just had a baby.”

By the way, Orlando Bloom recently cried because of the bitter loss of his poodle Mighty, which was probably ripped off by coyotes. He had only let him out of sight for a few minutes, according to the actor. “It was terrible, very painful. He showed me what love and loyalty mean and how strong the connection between two living beings can be.” Orlando Bloom even calls the poodle the love of his life.

The other love of his life, Katy Perry, has known Bloom since 2016. In 2019, the two announced their engagement. Recently, rumors of a secret wedding in Hawaii emerged.

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