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Did Kim Kardashian shrink her buttocks?

Kim Kardashian: Your butt is your trademark. Imago / Future Image

Her expansive bottom is her trademark. Actually. Half the world sees Kim Kardashian’s (40) extreme hourglass figure as a real ideal of beauty.

Now the 40-year-old has published new pictures on Instagram. And the viewer quickly notices: There is not much left of the very best of the multi-millionaire. What has happened there? Has Kardashian had another cosmetic surgery? And is the result really less instead of more this time?

Her fans love the mega-bottom, the lush cleavage and her wasp waist. It is an open secret that the US star did not get these shapes from nature alone. Kim Kardashian has repeatedly helped her naturalness on the jumps. The result usually looked more extreme than before.

Her buttocks in particular have always been carefully scrutinized by the followers of their social media channels. Now the fans noticed an unusual change right there.

The Instagram snapshot clearly shows: Kim’s bottom has shrunk – and how! You can see the 40-year-old with her youngest son Psalm (2) in her arms. Reality star Kim wears skin-tight leggings. We see her in profile – and see … almost nothing! Obviously, her hip circumference has gotten significantly smaller compared to previous photos.

So it’s not surprising that there is great excitement among the followers. They bombard the US star with their questions: “Have you shrunk your bum?” Asks a fan bluntly. Another writes: “I swear your bum looks different.” “How could you do that ???” a male fan is horrified.

British media immediately consulted experts on the case. Like the British OK! Magazine. According to their report, a cosmetic surgeon is certain: Kim had something done!

“Either her buttock implants were removed or a filler dissolved. It would also be possible that liposuction was performed to make her buttocks smaller, ”the expert is quoted as saying. “The main difference to Kim’s bottom is the emptiness at the top compared to photos of her before,” surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe tells the magazine.

In April, the downside of Kardashian was significantly more expansive. Compare yourself:

Why the 40-year-old has toned down her body shape is still completely unclear. So far, Kim Kardashian has only responded to the many questions with silence.

In any case, the fans already miss such pictures:

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