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Billie Eilish: BFF drama about fame?

Billie Eilish & Bhad Bhabie: Why are the ex-BFFs no longer friends?

Actually, Billie Eilish is always very open about which famous colleagues she loves. What many do not know, however: Billie Eilish and Bhad Bhabie used to be best friends, but at some point it became suspiciously quiet about the BFFs. Nobody knows exactly why their friendship broke up, even if the scandal rapper has her theories. The ex-BFF has attacked Billie Eilish on Instagram. In a live stream, she was asked if she and the “Happier Than Ever” singer were still friends, Bhad Babie only replied: “Every time I write her a DM or give her my number, she just doesn’t answer, so I don’t know.” If it were up to her, the two would still be friends, but apparently she’s being hosted by Billie. Is the BFF drama real or does Bhad Bhabie just want to keep talking? Fans are unsure what happened between the girls …

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Is Fame the reason Billie Eilish and Bhad Bhabie’s friendship ended?

It’s in FFriendships are pretty normal, that after a while you grow apart or you just don’t understand completely. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bhad Bhabie reveals her theories for the end of friendship with Billie Eilish: “I have the feeling that someone put a flea in her ear about me and made her believe that I was a bad person,” explains the rapper, but she has another theory, “or it became so famous that she could no longer reconcile herself with my kind. “ Has Billie Eilish really given up the friendship because of the growing fame? A pretty harsh accusation from the rapper. In an Instagram live stream, however, she supported this theory with the words: “I don’t know, I think this happens when you get famous. But I don’t care too much, I know who my real friends are.” It’s a strange story. However, unless Billie Eilish commented on the whole thing, nobody really knows what is really true. Let’s see if she will go into the taunts of the ex-BFF at some point.

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