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Against the pigeonhole thinking – ROGUE HUNTER / Play Experience

Since “Transformers” at the latest, Megan Fox has been an integral part of the worldwide “Most Beautiful Lists”. Her breakthrough was at the same time the beginning of what seemed to be a prefabricated path as a “sex bomb in Hollywood”. But she herself could rarely do anything with the hype about her appearance and later began to take a different path and to fight against her image.

As part of the home entertainment launch of the action-packed thriller ROGUE HUNTER, we would like to bring you closer to the person of Megan Fox.

The beginnings, the breakthrough and the reckoning

Megan Fox made her first steps as an actress in series and film productions such as “Two And A Half Men”, “Bad Boys 2” or at the side of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in her film debut “Ferien unter Palmen”. In 2007, the film “Transformers” followed, which made them accessible to the masses and catapulted them into tabloid and men’s magazines. For the time being, she stayed in the role of the sexy vamp in films like “Jennifer’s Body – Boys According to Their Taste” or the comic book adaptation “Jonah Hex”, but that would change in the years that followed. Recently an interview from 2009 came to light when she was a guest on talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. It was about the shooting of “Bad Boys 2” and “Transformers” and above all about the collaboration with director Michael Bay, who was not put in a good light by Fox. “Hollywood is brutal and misogynist,” she later wrote in an Instagram post. Even as a very young woman, she experienced situations in which she was sexualized and treated disrespectfully. She was removed from the cast for “Transformers 3” because of her statements against Michael Bay.

The tightrope act from femme fatal to self-confident woman

After her bisexual outing and some sexy photo shoots in magazines like “GQ”, “FHM” or “Maxim”, things got quieter around Megan Fox. Suddenly one read statements from her in interviews like: “I don’t want to be pigeonholed. I’m not a man-eating femme fatale. I’m just the opposite, I’m silly and reserved ”. She tried to get away from her early image and consciously steer in a different direction. She was not doing well in these times. In a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, she described this dark period of her career as follows: “… I just didn’t want anything to do with it. I didn’t want to be seen. I didn’t want to take a photo, not appear in any magazines, or have to walk down the red carpet. I didn’t want to be seen in public at all because of the fear … and the absolute certainty that I would be mocked or spat at … “.

Different roles, turbulent relationships – and mother of a family

She turned down the role of the sexy Lara Croft for the third “Tomb Raider” film, it is assumed, in order to avoid the eternal comparison with fellow actress Angelina Jolie. In her roles she tried to give her characters more depth. She played the pretty, but very quick-witted April in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” films after dating Michael Bay and a pharmaceutical agent on the TV series “New Girl”. In 2012 she gave birth to her first son, Noah. A long-cherished dream came true and she fulfilled her new role as a mother completely. However, difficult times followed with her now ex-husband Brian Austin Green, known from the series “Beverly Hills 90210”. A steady on / off took their toll. After the confirmed divorce in 2020, she confirmed a relationship with musician Machine Gun Kelly.

3 things you might not know about Megan Fox

  • From department store theft to Hollywood: As a teenager and shortly before her first experiences in the film business, she stole products from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Wal-Mart cosmetics. She got away with a small penalty: she had to wrap Christmas presents. She later met the Olsen twins personally in her film debut “Ferien unter Palmen”.
  • Marilyn Monroe, the wrong role model: she devoured whole series of books about the movie star. She even had a tattoo of the Hollywood icon on her forearm. Later, however, she realized how tragic Marilyn’s career was and when she saw parallels with her own person and the possible course of her life, she distanced herself from her enthusiasm for Marilyn Monroe. She had the tattoo on her arm removed.
  • Her passion for comics: Megan Fox has been a huge fan of comics since childhood and has collected tons of rare issues with her sister. Later she even started drawing her own stories. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she counted the comic series on “Witchblade”, “Fathom” and “Gen 13” among her favorites. She was also very fond of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and later closed the circle with her work as “April” in the successful Michael Bay films.

In ROGUE HUNTER, she takes on the role of the tough mercenary leader Samantha. In addition to spectacular action scenes and rapid exchanges of fire, the action thriller also shows depth and draws attention to the illegal animal trade worldwide with a critical eye. A side effect of the film desired by the director MJ Bassett, which fits in with the “new” sides of Megan Fox.

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