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“A quiet Place Part II”: The horror film with Emily Blunt continues

“A quiet Place Part II” is a challenge for the nerves, because every smallest noise can mean certain death. What brought in an Oscar nomination for the sound editing in the first part of the horror film A quiet Place (2018) will be released in cinemas as a sequel. The second part is also directed by John Krasinski, who was previously seen as the main actor in the first part.

What is “A quiet Place Part II” about?

After the Abbot family had to flee from an alien invasion and took refuge in a remote forest, the noiseless struggle for survival began. Since the extraterrestrial intruders react sensitively to every sound and thus find their victims, the family has learned sign language and tried to avoid any sound – which of course did not really work. In the second part of the horror thriller, the surviving family members (Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) move on to an industrial area, where they are looking for a protective shelter. They meet another survivor (Cillian Murphy), whom they join without further ado.

The trailer for the sequel was released yesterday and shows that the fight is not over yet. The first part was already a surprising theatrical success and was characterized above all by the thrill of the noiselessness, which became a challenge for the sound editing. Whether the second part will also be a cinematic success will be revealed by March at the latest.

The German theatrical release is March 19, 2020

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