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Vaccinated and the “World”, OnlyFans, “Eternals”

Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm

Good Morning! Even though I’ve been closely monitoring social networks since 926 #trending issues, I’m not so jaded that I can’t get upset about pathetic clickbait posts. The latest example that annoyed me yesterday comes from the “Welt” Facebook pages – one of today’s #trending topics.

#trending // Vaccinated people and the “world”

The initial situation: Intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis was asked for the newspapers of the Funke media group how the situation with regard to Corona in the German clinics was. Karagiannidis reported that most current patients were unvaccinated, only 12 to 13 percent of Covid patients had vaccination protection. “The so-called” vaccination breakthroughs “treated in hospital are, for example, patients with a restricted immune response, for example as a result of drug dampening of the immune system,” according to an agency report that, among other things, published the “world” under the headline “Most of Covid – Unvaccinated patients in clinics – but also vaccinated people in intensive care “.

Hardly anyone who has full vaccination protection can currently be found in the clinics – and if so, then, among other things, because their immune system is weakened by other diseases and corresponding drugs. While the majority of the population is vaccinated, the majority of the clinics are unvaccinated. So far, so good for those who have been vaccinated, the intensive care doctor’s reports clearly indicate that the vaccination is working. And no vaccination study has spoken of one hundred percent protection against a more severe course anyway.

What does the “world” do with this positive news on its Facebook pages “Welt” and “Welt Nachrichtenensender”? First of all, the article is not distributed there with the headline “Most of Covid patients in clinics are unvaccinated – but also vaccinated people in intensive care units”, but with the headline “Corona: intensive care physicians confirm severe disease progression even in vaccinated people”. And then you write the cryptic sentence about it: “Now the next steps should be initiated.” Huh? “Next Steps”? Doesn’t make any sense when reading the message. After five and a half hours, the sentence was changed to “Most people in the intensive care units are not vaccinated – but there are exceptions”, but by then the Post had already reached, provoked, confused, upset and misled the majority of its audience.

The consequence of the post, which can only be booked as a click or like horniness: Lots of comments like: “Great vaccination” or “Wow. These vaccinations are really good. Why do some people prefer to forego it? ”Or“ The money machine prints and prints, and the drugs for possible side effects are already on the market. Runs! “Or” But recommend the 3 vaccinations that are of no use except that you write on the vaccine “.

But there were also dissenting voices with criticism of the “world”: “From the headline point of view, complete scare tactics again. How long is that supposed to be practiced? It sucks! Only then does the article state that these are people with immunodeficiency. Whether due to illness or medication is initially irrelevant. IT NERVES !!! “or” Always those stupid headlines. People don’t even read the article. “

Others also took on the job of the “world” social media team and summarized the article in such a way that no false impression arises: “Intelligent people celebrate this headline, even if the text then says that almost exclusively people with a weakened immune system are treated as inpatients have to be and only individual cases come to the intensive care unit. “

If the “world” wanted as many likes and clicks as possible with the shameful post: Congratulations, it worked: 1st place of all German-language journalistic articles from Thursday with 14,200 Facebook and Twitter interactions, including 10,600 thanks to the two misleading “Welt” – Facebook posts. An embarrassing success.

#trending // OnlyFans

This message will be widely discussed on Friday: The OnlyFans platform, which enables creators to sell content to fans via subscription, is withdrawing from the porn business. As Lucas Shaw reports on “Bloomberg”, it is no longer permitted from October to publish “material with sexually explicit conduct” on the platform. That is quite spectacular, because OnlyFans has become known and big because of this content. According to the company, $ 3.2 billion has been paid out to Creators so far.

So why take this step out of a business that OnlyFans is successful in? Apparently, the explicit content has also led to the platform’s image being poor and OnlyFans not getting any investors. A few hours before the “Bloomberg” article, Dan Primack reported exactly about it in “Axios Pro Rata”: “Sex sells, based on company financials leaked to Axios, but it also scares off venture capitalists. […] Any other company with growth like OnlyFans would be able to raise big money in a matter of minutes. ”So the hope of the OnlyFans makers: no more porn, but big money.

#trending // “Eternals”

The film trailer of the hour is clearly the one for the new Marvel spectacle “Eternals”. The company published the “Final Trailer” on Thursday and thus achieved masses of views: by late Thursday evening 8.6 million on the YouTube channel “Marvel Entertainment”, 5.8 million on the Twitter profile “Marvel Studios” and 2.8 million on the Marvel Studios Facebook page.

#trending // German tops of the day

Story after social media interactions: “The Postillon” – “‘Only Qatar is boring’ – FC Bayern plans training camp in Afghanistan” (27,100 interactions on Facebook and Twitter)

Story after likes & shares on Twitter: “The Postillon” – “‘Only Qatar is boring’ – FC Bayern plans training camp in Afghanistan” (4,100 likes and shares)

Podcast (Apple Podcasts): “Mordlust” – “# 77 Paranoid”

Google search term: Union Berlin (50,000+ searches)

Wikipedia page: Afghanistan (150,100 views on Wednesday)

Youtube video [die Nummer 1 aller am Mittwoch veröffentlichten deutschsprachigen Videos]: “Sportstudio football” – “Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich Highlights | DFL Supercup | gym”

Series (Netflix): “The Blacklist”

Song (Spotify): Montez – “Auf & Ab” (706,700 stream views from Germany on Wednesday)

Music (amazon): Metallica – “Enter Sandman (Ltd. Glow 7”, Germany excl. Charity Single) “(vinyl)

DVD / Blu-ray (Amazon): “Stargate (Mediabook A, 2 Blu-rays) (exclusively Amazon)” (Blu-ray)

Game (Amazon) [ohne Gutscheinkarten und Hardware]: “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” (Nintendo Switch)

Book (Amazon): Johannes Diekhans – “EinFach Deutsch Text Editions: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Nathan the Wise” (paperback)

#trending // feedback

Note: All numbers mentioned in #trending refer to the day before the newsletter was published, unless otherwise noted (as of midnight)

What do you find good about #trending? What bad? What are you missing? Write to me!

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