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The zombies are back: these are the streaming tips of the week

It’s the beginning of the end: After eleven seasons, “The Walking Dead”, the world’s most successful zombie series, ends. Fans can look forward to farewell to a concentrated load of undead action, because the new and thus last season comprises a total of 24 episodes. Disney + will show the first eight episodes of the grand finale from August 23rd. Find out what else Netflix, AppleTV + and Co. have to offer in the next few days in the overview.

“The Walking Dead”: Season 11 (Disney +)

Long live the apocalyptic mood: Even if the horde of walkers is done and the whisperers have disappeared, everything is far from good for Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his comrades at the start of the eleventh season of “The Walking Dead”. While Daryl struggles with trauma, the conflict between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohen) threatens to escalate. In addition, Alexandria, the “safe zone”, has to be rebuilt after the fierce fighting with the Whisperers.

Fans of the AMC zombie series have to be very strong: The beginning of the eleventh season heralds the farewell tour of “The Walking Dead” at the same time. The final episodes of the most successful zombie series on all sides should be all the more spectacular. Instead of the previous season on FOX Channel and Sky Ticket, however, the last season of the production can be seen on Disney +. The new episodes will be published there from August 23rd, always on Mondays.

“jerks.” (JoynPLUS +)

In the middle of the night Christian Ulmen gets up, stalks a little unsteadily in the direction of the toilet and relieves himself. To be completely sleepy in the bathroom at night, everyone knows that. But “jerks.” if it weren’t for “jerks.”, the Joyn comedy series wouldn’t have prepared a fateful twist on this everyday banality. Unfortunately Christian’s friend Emily (Emily Cox) is puking over the toilet – in the dark, of course – and immediately has more reason to choke when Christian pees in her face.

Because the couple previously talked about hidden sexual desires, Emily now also thinks that Christian’s secret longing is to urinate in his girlfriend’s face. In short: the chaos is perfect, the embarrassment factor is high – and yet it is “jerks.” once again weird to scream in the new episodes. Viewers who have previously fumbled at Fahri Yardim and Christian Ulmen or their sometimes unbearably embarrassing versions of themselves will have a lot of fun at JoynPLUS + from August 26th in season four as well.

“Kevin Can F *** Himself” (Amazon Prime Video)

Allison (Annie Murphy) is beautiful, but endowed with poor self-esteem. She is loyal to her husband Kevin (Eric Petersen), a plump prankster with the interests of a twelve-year-old. But romance and common ground seem to be lacking in this relationship. In the classic sitcom living room, Allison brings drinks and sandwiches, while Kevin indulges in hedonism with his useless family and friends: beer, football and laziness. Allison falls by the wayside – until she decides to make more of her life.

Caution, do not switch off again immediately! The new US comedy hit starring Emmy Award winner Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s Creek”) starts out like an outdated sitcom from the brand “A Terribly Nice Family”. But then the frustrated wife breaks out: into a world without laughs. The Amazon comedy “Kevin Can F ** k Himself” questions classic role models and thus adds a satirical perspective to the sitcom genre. The innovative Dramedy series can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from August 27th.

“The White Lotus” (Sky Ticket)

Just relax and leave everyday life behind: According to this motto in the HBO miniseries “The White Lotus”, some guests are vacationing in a paradisiacal resort in Hawaii. But not everything is as perfect as it seems at first glance at Manager Armond’s (Murray Bartlett) luxury holiday home. The seemingly perfect idyll soon gives way to dark entanglements. It’s not just the newlyweds Shane (Jake Lacy) and Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) who have to struggle, who are surprised by Shane’s pushy mother Kitty (Molly Shannon). There are also many unresolved conflicts in the Mossbacher family around business woman Nicole (Connie Britton) and her husband Mark (Steve Zahn), who suffers from inferiority complexes.

HBO invites you to a beach vacation in Hawaii – but instead of dreamy vacations, guests can expect dark entanglements. Over the course of the six episodes, both the vacationers and the audience of the miniseries “The White Lotus” gradually realize that not everything is as perfect as it seems. The summer dramedy starts on August 23 at Sky Ticket.

“The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” (Netflix)

The Netflix series on the “Witcher” books by Andrzej Sapkowski, in which ex- “Superman” Henry Cavill plays the “White Wolf” Geralt, is a real hit with the public and is set to continue in December. First, however, the anime prequel “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” tells the story of Geralt’s teacher and mentor: Vesemir. Set thousands of years before the original series, the film shows Vesemir’s early years before he became fencing master at Kaer Morhen’s witchcraft school.

After the phenomenal success of the “Witcher” series with, Netflix has now turned the Polish witcher’s adventure into a bloody animation adventure. It is not yet known whether Geralt will also be seen in the animated film – but it will be revealed on August 23, when Netflix will add “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” to its program.

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