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That is why the Amazon Prime series will not be continued ·

“Panic” – a game about life and death, wealth and ruin. Here you can find out why the Prime Original series was canceled despite the exciting storyline.

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In a game without limits, student Heather (Olivia Welch) confronts her greatest fears to win the $ 50,000 jackpot. There is only one rule: don’t panic! For the audience of the young adult series “Panic” there is every reason to do so, because there will probably not be a second season.

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No 2nd season for “Panic”: Why was the Amazon Prime series canceled?

Fans had already been expecting a second season of “Panic”. As the annual tradition of the senior class, the games in the Amazon Prime series would have been ideally suited for a sequel. In addition, season 1 ended with an exciting cliffhanger, which suggested that “Panic” is not over yet.

But according to the deadline, “Panic” is now officially over. The reason: Although the Amazon Prime Original garnered very good ratings from viewers – 4.3 out of 5 stars to be precise – the streaming numbers did not necessarily speak in favor of a continuation of the story by Heather Nill, Ray Hall and Co.

The disappointment should be just as big for series creator Lauren Oliver as for the audience. After all, she had tried herself as a screenwriter on the series adaptation of her own novel. In addition, she already has many ideas for a second season, the author confirmed in an interview with Cinema Blend. In all likelihood, it will no longer be able to implement this – at least not as a series on Amazon.

You can find the book for the series “Panic” on Amazon

Shocking but true: the way to “Panic” season 2 remains blocked © Amazon Studios

What is “Panic” about?

Based on the book of the same name by Lauren Oliver, the Prime Original series “Panic” tells of an illegal game in which only one person can win. Every year senior high school students face their greatest fears and risk their lives to win the prize money and escape the hopeless little town of Carp, Texas.

After two young people died at the games last year, the police are trying to end the tradition and hold the organizers accountable.

Although Heather and her fellow campaigners are quick to suspect that the games are being manipulated, they only have one thing in mind: the jackpot of $ 50,000.

Not only was “Panic” canceled against expectations, some Netflix series could not escape this fate either. You can find out which titles fans left behind in the Video:

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Alternatives to “Panic”

In order to be able to cope better with the withdrawal from “Panic”, it is advisable to drown your own grief between binge-watching other series. If you are into dark coming-of-age series that come with a good dose of drama, romance and thriller elements, you should not miss the following titles:

“The Wilds”

After a group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island, a bitter struggle for survival begins. With a wide variety of social backgrounds, teenagers are looking for identity, hierarchy and answers – because the facade quickly begins to crumble.

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“Outer Banks”

In search of his father, John B and his gang come on the trail of a mysterious treasure who embroils them in criminal activities. But soon there is far more at stake than the loss of an unimaginable fortune.

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“The A-List”

What was supposed to be the most beautiful summer of their lives turns into the worst nightmare for visitors to a holiday camp. When suddenly nothing is as it seems, they have to face a cruel truth and discover the deep abyss of themselves.

Now on Netflix


Riverdale seems like an idyllic small town, but the murder of a high school student terrifies the community. When the investigation comes to nothing, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica decide to trace it themselves.

Cheer on Netflix

“The End of the F *** ing World”

17-year-old James believes he is a psychopath. After killing animals several times and injuring himself, he runs away with the girl he chose to be the first human murder victim.

In the stream on Netflix

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