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Stop drinking or I’ll be gone!

Ashton Kutcher suffers from Demi Moore’s revelations

Ashton Kutcher is doing badly: The actor had to testify only a few months ago in the murder trial against the “Hollywood Ripper”, who his girlfriend at the time had years ago brutally murdered. As if that weren’t enough, ex-wife Demi Moore recently published her memoir in which she hardly a good hair on the 41-year-old.

Among other things, the 56-year-old claims that Ashton has her cheated several times, trying to persuade her to have a threesome and was responsible for her drinking problems. Violent allegations with which the “Two and a half men“Cast is supposed to have to struggle.

Does he have a drinking problem?

So much so that the Hollywood star felt his heartache in Drown alcohol target. A fact that wife Mila Kunis doesn’t like at all: “Mila disgusts that!”, so a friend of the couple opposite “National Enquirer “ and further:

Ashton is a dad and there’s no excuse for dumping ten beers while watching football reruns on TV in the middle of the week.

The 41-year-old is said to have little understanding for his wife’s anger. No trace of insight:

Ashton tells her that he only drinks the beer to relax. But Mila is scared of this self-destructive attitude and she has told him to go jogging or do something else that is healthy.

Mila Kunis threatens Ashton with divorce

The 36-year-old actor also does not believe her husband that he is just reaching for the bottle out of frustration at the revelations made by his ex-wife. But it gets even worse, because Ashton Kutcher is supposed to drink with boyfriend Danny Masterson of all people, the multiple sexual assault and rape is accused. Too much for Mila Kunis:

Danny has enough problems of his own that Mila doesn’t want to rub off on her husband. She told Ashton he had to stop – or she went.

How things are currently really about the marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, probably only the two know themselves. It remains to be hoped that the family man will recover.

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