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Rapper Cardi B against the media

Helen Fares in conversation with Shanli Anwar

Rapper Cardi B with background dancing during the 19th BET Awards ceremony in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles (imago / UPI Photo / Jim Ruymen)
From the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop to one of the most famous US rappers: Cardi B. (imago / UPI Photo / Jim Ruymen)

There are many dead in the latest video “Press” by Cardi B. Including a striking number of older, white journalists. In the US, the clip is already causing a lot of excitement. What does the US rapper want to tell us with the video?

Two days ago, rapper Cardi B was on trial in New York for a bar fight. One day later, her new music video “Press” appeared, which was viewed almost nine million times on YouTube after just 24 hours and which caused a lot of excitement in the USA.

Because the video appears like a declaration of war by the rapper against journalists and the established media. In it, Cardi B shoots journalists, ends up in court and again shoots media representatives. To end up drowning her cellmate in the toilet.

According to music journalist Helen Fares, the video and the tenor “Cardi don’t need more press” should not be understood as an explicit attack on the media: “In the music video, she not only kills the press, but also her dancers, including them Woman who ends up sharing the cell with her, so everyone. “

Is it all just PR?

Nor does Fares see a political criticism of the gun laws in the US in “Press”: “I think ‘Kill em all’ means something else, just as it is used in hip-hop lingo: me kill them all, I’m just more blatant than all of them, I rap all of them on the wall. I make myself big, I’m better than all of them. “

And of course the timing of the release of the video was well chosen in terms of PR, because the song “Press” was released three weeks ago.

“I think that was quite well timed that it was just about exploiting this court date.”


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