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Emily Blunt found singing embarrassing

Berlin (dpa) – The actress Emily Blunt sings in the new edition of the movie “Mary Poppins” – but would not always have dared to do it. “I used to find singing in front of people just embarrassing,” said the 35-year-old in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.


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Already now it is dangerous to “stay in the area and breathe in ash,” warned the local civil protection chief Claudio Yucot. The authorities advised people to make face masks out of damp cloths and, if possible, not to go outside to avoid inhaling sulfur dioxide.

Statista (source: Statista)Statista (source: Statista)

“I sing in the shower and I really enjoy singing in the car. I also sing when I’m alone in the house.” But even in front of her husband, the director and actor John Krasinski, she never sings.

London-born Blunt stars as the famous nanny in “Mary Poppins’ Returns”. The film will be in the cinemas shortly before Christmas (December 20th). A few days ago he was nominated for four Golden Globes, including Blunt for best actress in a comedy / musical.

Since she became the mother of two children, the actress, who is a British and American citizen, says she has chosen exactly her next projects. In between filming, she “usually takes long hours off, up to six months, which is a great luxury,” she said. In contrast, they all moved to London for nine months to film “Mary Poppins”. “Which was especially nice because my family lives there.”

Which actress doesn’t dream of being super agent James Bond’s sweetheart? For Blake Lively and Amber Heard, that dream could now come true. According to “Star Magazine”, both actresses are in talks for the hot role of the Bond girl. It is still unclear who will receive the approval and who will shine on the screen alongside Daniel Craig in the new 007 film.

Without a doubt: Blake and Amber are both very pretty to look at and would certainly cut a fine figure at the side of arguably the most famous agent in the world. Also optically – Blake and Amber are both blond and tall – both women would fit the role perfectly, because the new Bond girl is said to be a Scandinavian dream woman with a mysterious past. The decision is of course difficult. Even the film producer of the popular Bond films, Barbara Broccoli, considers both graces to be “an ideal cast”.

Will Johnny Depp help get the role?

It is currently speculated that the well-known “vitamin B” should help with the assignment of the role: After all, Amber Heard’s fiancé is none other than Hollywood star Johnny Depp. Those in charge of the Bond flick believe that Depp could fuel the media hype and provide more glamor on the red carpet.

Train drivers read news on their smartphones (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)“Dawn” The editor-in-chief’s newsletter with all the important information about the day (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)Who the Bond film crew will ultimately decide on is still in the stars. But no later than the filming, which will start in November of this year, we will know who the beautiful woman is at Mr. Bond’s side.

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