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“Cruella”: Emma Stone defends herself against allegations that she copied the “Joker”

New Disney movie
Emma Stone plays “Cruella” – and defends herself against allegations that she copied the “Joker”

Emma Stone as the villain "Cruella" in a new Disney trailer

Watch the video: Trailer for the film – Emma Stone as the bizarre villain “Cruella”.


The Disney film “Cruella” is eagerly awaited by many fans – the trailer created high expectations and anticipation. But now the director and leading actress have to put up with criticism.

The trailer already caused a lot of anticipation: Disney has now adopted one of its villains instead of a heroine or princess. Cruella de Vil, who wanted to turn puppies into fur coats in “101 Dalmatians”, gets her own film. It should tell how Cruella got as nasty as Disney fans know her from the Dalmatian films. The “Origin Story” of a villain – a very hot trend in the film industry right now.

The eccentric antihero is played by Emma Stone, who is otherwise known almost exclusively through sympathetic roles. Nobody doubts that she will play this somewhat different character terrific – but there is already criticism before the film is released. Because a not entirely dissimilar story was told in the film “Joker” in 2019. In it, Joaquin Phoenix played the bitterly evil opponent of Batman as a young man before he developed into the well-known unscrupulous criminal.

The basic idea is the same, but the film is completely different

Now Emma Stone commented on the accusation that “Cruella” was a copy of “Joker”. In an interview with the cinema magazine “Total Film”, she makes it clear: “I would never even begin to compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix. I wish I were more like him!” Says the 32-year-old. And not only is it not a cheap copy, but neither is the film: “It is very different from ‘Joker’ in many different ways.”

The director of “Cruella”, Craig Gillespie, jumps aside. He understands, however, where the allegations come from: “There are some really deep, dark, emotional things that Cruella has to deal with and that pull her on the dark, criminal side,” “Total Film” quotes him. But that is also everything that “Cruella” and the “Joker” have in common. In addition, they are two very different films: “It is definitely something very special. To show Cruella in a new light, I wanted to tell the character differently. I thought it was important to show her dark side. But otherwise we will there is a lot of fun, the film has a lot of humor. There is a lot of wonderfully quick-witted dialogues, and the rhythm and style are completely different than in ‘Joker’. “

However, this can only be fully assessed in the summer, when “Cruella” hits the cinemas or – depending on the pandemic situation – is offered by the streaming service provider.

Source: “Total Film”


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