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Not The Rock anymore: he’s the highest paid actor

With which film star does the box office barely stop ringing? Last year, Forbes magazine named an actor as the absolute top earner: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49) struggled to the top and topped the list with a proud income of $ 87.5 million. However, a lot can change within a year. In fact, a colleague passed the Jumanji star. He is now the highest paid performer!

No less than Daniel Craig (53) is now number one among the best-paid actors, like Variety reported. The James Bond actor earned a whopping 100 million dollars. The Hollywood star owes this in particular to the sequel to the Netflix hit “Knives Out”. This pushed The Rock to second place. The 49-year-old earned just half as much as Daniel.

Third place is shared by Will Smith (52) and Denzel Washington (66). While the latter was in front of the camera for HBO Max’s “Little Things”, the Men in Black star received $ 40 million for his portrayal in the biopic “King Richard”. The first women are only in seventh position on the list: Jennifer Lawrence (31) and Julia Roberts (53) both earned 25 million dollars.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor
Daniel Craig, actor
Actor Will Smith in February 2015

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