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Jennifer Aniston breaks off contact with anti-corona vaccine opponents – “a shame”

The actress is vaccinated and does not want to take any chances with the coronavirus. Jennifer Aniston cut off contact with some people. She has no understanding for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

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Jennifer Aniston has clear views on vaccination refusers and corona deniers. In an interview with the US magazine “InStyle”, the “Friends” star speaks about moral obligations and unfortunate but, in her opinion, necessary breaks in contact in her environment.

Because Aniston does not want to surround himself with people who do not want to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “There is still a large group of people who are opposed to vaccinations or who do not want to listen to the facts. That is really a shame,” she said in the conversation. She continued: “I just lost a few people in my weekly routine who refused or did not disclose [ob sie geimpft waren oder nicht]and that was very unfortunate. “

“Many opinions are based on fear or propaganda”

Because, according to Aniston, “it is your moral and professional duty to provide information, because we are not all vaccinated and are tested every day”. In her opinion, it is a difficult topic, “because everyone has a right to their own opinion – but many opinions are based on nothing other than fear or propaganda,” concluded the 52-year-old. The Hollywood star did not say whether the people mentioned were friends, colleagues or members of the team.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, Jennifer Aniston has repeatedly spoken out in favor of complying with the distance and hygiene rules. On Instagram, she called on her fans to wear mouth and nose protection. “If you care about human life, please just wear a damn mask and encourage the people around you to do the same,” she wrote about last year on a photo of herself with a mask.

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