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Emma Amour: The ONS someone who roars like an ox

Emma Amour

The other day I ended up at a dinner where someone from abroad was there. Three hours after dessert, this someone and I share a sweet secret. The story of a number that made me want to say sorry. Sorry, dear neighbors.

August 19, 2021, 9:47 am08/20/2021, 9:54 am

Emma Amour

Often my sex stories start with the fact that I don’t feel like it at the beginning. It is the same with the story of Pedro and me. Pedro is an insanely tanned beau from Barcelona. And Pedro is staying with Markus, his friend, for a long weekend.

Markus, on the other hand, is a friend of a friend of mine. Said friend, Tamy (not Glauser!), Dragged me to dinner last Friday. Where, among others, Markus and «anyone from Spain»Are there.

I’d rather go on a bar tour. Or party. We haven’t had a party for 10,000 years. I don’t really know why I accept anyway. In any case, I show up in jeans, bright green peep-toes and a red and white checked summer blouse. Zero my style. But somehow still cute and sexy.

We’re finally smooching!

I’m blown away as soon as I enter the apartment. On the one hand from the pink piano that stands there, and on the other hand from the guy who plays on this brook.

I hold out my hand to him. “Hi, I’m Emma”, I say. “Hola, que tal?”, he says. I melt like a rocket ice cream in the blazing sun.

The dinner is rather boring. Don’t say me, says Tamy. I have a lot of fun here. At the end of the day, I’m very busy drawing the attention of Pedro, the hot someone from Spain who plays the piano so beautifully, to me.

I am lucky. Pedro thinks I’m cool too. Only: Markus could thwart our plans. Markus wants to go home shortly before midnight. I stay tuned: Suggest good bars, suggest karaoke, suggest cool parties.

There are five of us moving on. An alibi thing. Pedro and I have been strapping for a long time that this evening ends for two. The only thing we don’t quite know yet is how we’ll get there.

He goes to the toilet three hours later. I afterwards. He sees me and then waits for me to finish. This is OUR moment. Which, thank God, we use. We make out wildly. So when we join the others again, we have a secret.

I am inspired.

To cut a long story short: Less than an hour later we are finally with me. Less than an hour later, it is in me too. The sex is great. I assume that Pedro has a lot of sex. Every move, every change of position, everything fits perfectly.

Just: Pedro roars like an ox.

His courtship roar is a different league!

I have never experienced anything like it. I knew, of course, that men can be loud during sex too, but that? That drowns out everything. Also the jackhammer from the construction site under my bedroom window.

I’m confused. On the one hand, I feel flattered. I have to do something right when it goes so badly. On the other hand: Hey, is he kidding me !? Forget everyone “Loud moaning»-Porn you’ve ever seen: Pedro’s courtship roar, that’s a different league.

I am very happy that Max is not at home. You know, my neighbor, who I’ve almost had a relationship with this year.

I also hope that the other neighbors don’t think that I’m torturing someone right now. We are currently in the cozy missionary position.

I dread Pedro’s orgasm. And before changing position to from behind. For men from behind, is the most extreme thing at all? And if so, how loud can this Pedro get?

I’ll find out faster than I can think about. Pedro can be louder. And although I could come here soon, I have to interrupt. I want to make sure all the windows are closed.

Only then can I get involved with Pedro again to some extent.

Earth, please open!

He is in luck. «Te gusta?He asks me, beaming. «Si si“, I say.

Then at some point Pedro will come. And shortly after he came, the doorbell rings at my front door. It’s one of two floors down. I open up. «It’s all OK?“, ask her. «Yes, yes, sorry, right !?I whisper. «Was that sex?She asks incredulously. Pedro waves happily from the sofa. The neighbor laughs in disbelief and says goodbye.

Pedro stays a while longer. Then he orders a taxi and is gone. I stalk my way through his Instagram channel a little longer and then go to sleep feeling good. After all, this Pedro is really handsome. And the sex sat. Just the roar. Oh. Finito. I turn out the light.

A lot of water had already flowed down the Rhine by Monday evening. Although I briefly thought about the lessons with Pedro two or three times, the story wasn’t really present in first place in my mind.

Until I read the note that adorned the bulletin board by our mailboxes:

‘Are we actually in the brothel here? If you, dear neighbor, want to compete with any free porn platform, at least put a gag in your mouth. Or scream into a pillow. I don’t give a shit what you do. But to be a witness of something like last Friday, I don’t even wish that my greatest enemy, my ex, the ***** who cheated on me. PS: Difficult to say whether the roar was from a man or a woman. Less difficult to say: It was so theatrical that I bet a lot that she / he played you something. “

Well, then I’ll go and see if I can find a place where the earth opens up to swallow me.


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Emma and Cleo are available as a book! >>

Sex mishaps, lovesickness and crazy dates: Nobody in Switzerland tells as authentically and bluntly as Emma Amour. Since January 2018, the Zurich native has been letting watson users participate in her life. When she takes a break, her best friend Cleo steps in.

Emma and Cleo couldn’t be more different, but what connects them: a sometimes fantastic, sometimes frustrating, but never boring love and sex life.

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Information about the book
Editor: watson
Release date: February 12, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-03902-124-6
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Book price
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The stories from the life of Emma Amour:


The stories from the life of Emma Amour:

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Emma Amour is …

… City dweller, single, mid-30s – and watson’s blogger, who not only reports blatantly about her love life, but also takes care of your questions. And don’t worry: you will remain anonymous with your questions – just like Emma. It is very important to Madame Amour to continue to hop undercover in training pants to the Indian man across the street.

It's not me, but that's what I would look like as an illustration.  Öppe.

It’s not me, but that’s what I would look like as an illustration. Öppe.

picture: watson

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