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Britney Spears on Instagram. “I’m going to quit” – is my career coming to an end?

Britney Spears finds clear words against her family on Instagram. At the same time, she reveals that she will not be seen on stage for the time being. Meanwhile, a friend of Britney’s unpacking too.

Britney Spears was able to achieve a first partial success in the court dispute over the guardianship of her father last Wednesday. The singer testified in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday. At the hearing, Spears was approved to choose his own lawyer.

Now Britney seems to have taken courage. On Instagram, she says that all of her haters who laughed at her for her dance videos could give a fuck. Meanwhile, her former personal trainer gives insights into the family drama and also raises serious allegations against the father. The facade of the Spears family seems to be crumbling.

“Kiss my bum”

In an Instagram post, the singer again expressed herself emotionally about her situation. As an occasion, Spears took criticism of her dance videos, which she records in her home and regularly shares with her followers. “You understand: I won’t appear on any stage in the foreseeable future if my father decides what to wear, say, do or think, I’ve been doing that for the past 13 years,” writes the 39-year-old. She prefers to post videos from her living room than from the stage in Las Vegas, “where some people were so far away (through drugs, editor’s note) that they couldn’t even shake my hand”.

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She won’t put on tons of make-up and constantly beg to bring her new music to the show for her true fans instead of remixes of her old songs, adds the musician and says: “So I’ll stop !!!”. It is not yet clear whether the 39-year-old is talking about the end of her career. In her first testimony in court, however, Spears said that she would like to take a few years off, but not be allowed.

And then she finds clear words against Jamie Lynn Spears: “I don’t like my sister showing up at an awards ceremony and performing my songs for remixes! My so-called supporters have hurt me deeply,” says Spears, indicating her problems with sister, the one before had shown herself to be a supporter of her older sister on social media.

Your family would have killed dreams

Guardianship killed her dreams, Spears explains. “All I have is hope and hope is the only thing in this world that is very difficult to kill, even if people are still trying.” The singer also goes back to the documentaries that are in circulation about her.

“I didn’t like the way you picked up on humiliating moments from the past as I’ve been through it a long time.” In the end, Spears addresses her critics directly and with clear words: “If you don’t want to see my precious ass dance in my living room or if it doesn’t meet your standards: go read a damn book.”

Singer criticizes hypocritical support

In the public dispute, the singer also received a lot of encouragement – which Spears does not perceive as positive from all sides, as she recently explained in another post. For her there is nothing worse than when loved ones who have never been there for her post things about their situation in order to publicly save face. “How can the people you love most dare to say anything at all. Were they there to offer a helping hand when I was drowning? No,” Spears insisted.

Her former personal trainer is making allegations

Meanwhile, Sean Phillip speaks to the British “Sun”, who had worked for Britney Spears as a personal trainer for a few years and therefore lived with the singer for a few years. “Jamie just wanted to be Britney’s father when she turned 26 and was a multi-millionaire,” he accuses the 69-year-old. In his opinion, Janie Spears would hardly have shown his daughter compassion and would not have prevented her slipping into drug addiction – on the contrary.

He claims that the singer was given two unrecognized pills a day and believes this has turned the singer into a puppet controlled by those who benefited from her. Management reportedly told him to ensure that the pills were administered. “Britney was just so cute, nice, loving and funny – and also a lot smarter than people would credit her,” said Phillip. Her collapse did not happen because she was crazy, but it drove her crazy, what happened to her, reports Britney’s former confidante and adds: “They just wanted to milk the cash cow.”

Britney had no track of her money

“Things started to get uncomfortable when my role turned into a 24-hour job. I was the stylist, I was the babysitter, I was the trainer, I was the security officer, I was the paparazzi liaison – I begged she told her not to take photos of her, and at the same time it happened time and again that she couldn’t pay for things on the way because she had no access to her money.

Guardianship dispute: "I stop": Britney finds clear words against father and sister - is now the end of your career?

“All she had was a piece of paper with a credit card number on it to pay for things. But she actually didn’t have the card in her hand. It was a black Amex that was assigned to her manager. So we stayed on bills sitting for things, “continues Phillip. When she moved into a new house, Britney reportedly asked Sean Phillip how much the previous house cost him. “

Since 2014, the singer and mother of two has been trying to break free from her father’s guardianship. Following a mental breakdown, Jamie Spears was appointed her guardian by a court in 2008. Since then, he has made decisions about her life and finances. Most recently, the singer was able to record a partial success: In the future, she will be represented by the celebrity lawyer, whom she has chosen, Mathew Rosengart.


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