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2020: The best openers of the decade – – News

Which album openers have made an impression over the past decade? A trace.

Constance (according to) – There is this thesis among film connoisseurs that you can tell the quality of a film by its first shot. Perhaps that may sound a bit over the top and not apply one-to-one to the music, but the idea has a lot of truth to it: the first impression of a work is the one that sets the tone. Here the artist has full freedom to introduce the entire work and to show what is now waiting for the audience. So that’s reason enough to think about opening tracks as well? What makes an intro good? What makes an intro iconic?

The best intros of the last ten years

We thought about which album openers have stayed in our heads the most over the past ten years – and why. The result is a colorful list with entries from all possible corners of the music world.


Billie Eilish, Cardi B and Co

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Twenty One Pilots

Somewhere between Fun., Eminem, the Bloodhound Gang and Cosmo Jarvis: When it comes to describing the sound of the Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots, then … portrait
Kanye West

Even his first album “The College Dropout” redefined Hip Hop, the Süddeutsche Zeitung recognized him as “the best”, the Spiegel even got a sense of … portrait
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was predestined to be a star. So much so that it should come as no surprise that in 2018, at the age of 16, she was already touring … portrait
arrest warrant

“Antisocial, tough, straight in the face” is how the man with the resounding name of Haftbefehl describes his work. “It will always be like this, and I will … portrait
Lana Del Rey

“No matter where in the world Lana is, her love for film noir, Italian landscapes, big churches, roller coasters and the legacy … portrait
Red hot chili peppers

By the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers started their triumphal march around the world with their “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” album in 1991, they had already had …

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