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Heart leaf stories with Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

E.s now actually seems to be dawning, the age of the irrepressible lust for life that some have prophesied at the hoped-for end of the pandemic. Allegedly, the Germans hoarded a lot of money in the lockdown, at least if they were allowed to keep their job and how you can now spend it on it Gala a few suggestions ready. “Beauty tools in gold”, for example, which not only shine nicely, but are also of practical use: “Gold-plated palladium tips on lip applicators protect against unwanted bacteria.”

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

That new type of ice cream sounds even more valuable, which is also based on Gala printed photo by influencer Riccardo Simonetti tasted: “Double Gold Caramel Billionaire”. Although it’s actually a weird idea to call an ice cream flavor “billionaire”. In any case, we don’t really feel like licking – for example – Jeff Bezos.

Or, even worse, to Silvio Berlusconi. the picture-The newspaper manages in a column, from the slap in the face that an apparently right-wing radical just missed Emmanuel Macron, and an explanation of terms (“The swelling from the blow reminds, according to linguists, of a fig”) as follows to the next topic: “A man, who knows about swellings: Silvio Berlusconi. “What exactly the columnist had in mind, we’d better not imagine. Let’s hope, at best he was thinking of the fact that Berlusconi’s chest or even his crest sometimes swells with pride.

No shower for three days

Hopefully without any swelling – please register the masterful transition – there was an advertising campaign for beekeepers, for which Angelina Jolie had herself photographed with her bare shoulders covered with bees. “She had to keep still for 18 minutes and was not allowed to shower for three days beforehand so as not to irritate the animals with artificial fragrances,” says knows Woman in the mirror. This is practical information for everyone who is about to return to the office and are caught by colleagues who are still staying in home office mode for personal hygiene: You can then protect that a bee photo session is still waiting for them in the evening.

Did Reiner Haseloff really look like a frog on election night?

Did Reiner Haseloff really look like a frog on election night?

Image: EPA

Felt into the realm of the amphibians picture-Postillon Franz Josef Wagner moved when he was watching the election evening in Saxony-Anhalt. He now writes about the election winner Reiner Haseloff: “When he won, he was like an appetite-free frog, he didn’t raise his arms, he didn’t make a monkey.” That is political observation par excellence, because Haseloff actually looked like a hungry frog that evening Not. In any case, not once did he flick a long tongue out during the interviews and snap at a fly.

About the two social democrats Gerhard Schröder and Frank-Walter Steinmeier it says in ColorfulSchröder called his former head of the Chancellery Steinmeier “once affectionately ‘Mach-mal-Frank’ – an honorary title”. It remains to be seen whether Steinmeier Schröder also called “Lazy-Sock-Gerd” in return. Without question, however, “Mach-mal-Frank” sounds more flattering than, for example, “Let-me-better-stay-Ingo”.

Mousebear Hoffmann

The fact that Meghan and Harry named their newborn daughter Lilibet after a nickname of the Queen caused a sensation and is not recommended for imitation in this country. If you really want to give your child a nickname as their first name, please consider their possible career path: A sentence like “This is our CEO, Mr. Mausebär Hoffmann” takes a lot of getting used to. In the case of little Lilibet, a royal expert suspects picture: “The rivalry of the brothers could be intensified by the choice of name.” William and Kate would still have the chance to name another child after another nickname that the blessed Philip is said to have given the Queen, namely Sausage – sausages. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but at least it is gender neutral.

Two hearts one soul?  Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Two hearts one soul? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Image: AP

Writes about the artist couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Colorful: “Megan is of the firm conviction that she and her treasure arose from a soul that later split into two bodies.” The two never seem to have read “Harry Potter”, since Lord Voldemort’s constant soul division has become turned out to be a bad idea.

Singer Sarah Engels, formerly Lombardi, however, had a nice idea: “Sarah now surprised her husband Julian with a lovingly decorated box in which she hid her pregnancy test,” reports Gala. If you, dear readers, also have a box and, due to a lack of joyful expectation, come up with the idea of ​​surprising your men with your corona test instead, then please do not be disappointed if their reactions are rather cautious. And please note: such a test should definitely be negative.

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