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What do Hollywood celebrities smell like?

“How does Kanye West smell?”: If you’ve asked yourself this question before, then read on, we’ll tell you.

The smell of wealth, beauty and fame – what can it be compared to? How do people smell who have so much money but so few visible pores? We found out what other stars are saying about the smell of Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna & Co.

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Kanye West

In an interview with “The Cut”, his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian described Kanye’s smell, among other things: “… Rich, I can’t describe it, but he smells like a rich person, like money! I don’t know him smells like one would imagine an extremely expensive advertisement for a Saint Laurent fragrance. “


Regé-Jean Page

His colleague Phoebe Dynevor told “” how wonderfully odorless the “Bridgerton” actor is: “He smells really, really good. He never had bad breath, he doesn’t smoke either. We both drink a lot of coffee, so we both smell it, but that’s fine. It’s pleasantly odorless. “

Hailey Baldwin won over Pattie Mallette

APA – Austria Press Agency

Hailey Bieber

When her husband visited Ellen DeGeneres, he participated in a format called “Burning Questions”. From these burning questions it emerged that Hailey appears to be wearing one of Ariana Grandes’ perfumes. “It smells like Ariana Grande’s perfume, it smells good, it’s a great fragrance. It’s flowery and fruity, just good,” he says of his wife’s smell.


Brad Pitt

When a friend of Jennifer Lawrence was allowed to accompany her to the Oscars in 2014, she described her experience on MySpace as an outsider in Hollywood.

One of them was the smell of acting legend Brad Pitt: “Brad Pitt smells wonderful, unlike anything I smelled before. Finally we ask him what kind of perfume he is wearing and he says: ‘I don’t wear perfume, must be mine Body odor. ‘ I can’t believe him because it would be just unfair to humanity. “


Matthew McConaughey

Although he says he hasn’t used deodorant in ages, the Dallas Buyers Club actor is said to smell fantastic. Yvette Nicole Brown, who worked with him on “Tropical Thunder” in 2008, wanted to find out what it really smells like.

“It smells of granola and a good life, that’s all I can say about it. It has a sweet smell that is neither musty nor strong,” she told “”.


Robert Pattinson

The “Twilight” actor says he hardly ever wears perfumes, but in an interview with “” he spoke about how other people perceive his smell: “A lot of people tell me that I smell like crayons.” So if that is not a smell.



If you want to believe British actor and singer Olly Alexander, Rihanna smells like “dreams and wishes come true” while rapper Lil Nas X says Rihanna “smell heavenly“.

In 2016, her secret was apparently revealed, according to Rihanna’s friend @stylishgent, Rihanna is said to use a perfume called “Love, Don’t Be Shy” by By Killian, at a mere 870 US dollars a bottle.


Sophie Turner

Some couples really do share everything, Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas both seem to use the same perfume.

She told “”: “I love Le Labo Santal 33. My fiancé and I can both use it, the musky scent is a bit masculine, but I like men’s scents.” According to the manufacturer, the perfume smells “musky, leathery, smoky.”

Blond, fair-skinned and with delicate features. The singer is not the only dark-skinned star who is paler than he actually is.


When model Winnie Harlow worked on Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade”, she could smell a touch of Beyoncé. She described the smell in an interview with Andy Cohen with “coconut butter and lemons”. This is how we imagine the smell on the set of “Lemonade”.


Michael B. Jordan

When a student heard that the actor was filming on their campus, she simply texted him on Instagram. The actor replied and the meeting took place. Regarding his scent, she said: “It smelled of mahogany-teak scented candles from Bath & Body Works, only better.”

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