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This is how Camila Cabello reacts to bodyshaming comments

Screenshot from Camila Cabello’s Instastory

At first she felt insecure, she continues. “Just because of the idea of ​​what the pictures might look like: ‘Oh God, my cellulite! I certainly haven’t pulled my stomach in!’ But then I thought to myself: Of course there are ‘bad’ pictures of me, of course I have unfavorable angles. My body is not made of stone or consists only of muscles. “

Cabello deliberately does not share the photo taken up in the article. That doesn’t matter for her message: She wants to make it clear how harmful the constant perfection mania can be and wants to defend herself against unrealistic ideals of beauty.

“Fake is just becoming the new reality”

“The saddest thing about girls growing up with this airbrush world is the fact that they strive for perfection that is not real. So I’m writing these lines for girls like my little sister who grew up on social media constantly see pictures that have been edited or photoshopped and they think that this has to be reality. Because our eyes get used to perceiving retouched skin as normal. Suddenly we think that this has to be the norm. But it is not . It’s fake. Fake is just becoming the new reality, “she writes, pointing out that we have all developed a completely unrealistic view of women’s bodies. The singer wants to change that and makes it clear: “Girls, let me tell you: Cellulite is normal, fat is normal. It’s beautiful and absolutely natural. I won’t let this bullshit get to me. Not today! And I hope you do not that either. “

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