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Selena Gomez now wears blonde: 7 tips on how to best care for the trend hair color

Selena Gomez causes a sensation not only with her music, but also with her hair color. The singer has recently started wearing blonde hair. This coloring requires special care.

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Fans who previously only knew Selena Gomez (28) as a hot brunette have to adapt. On her Instagram account, the singer has recently shown herself again and again as a cool blonde.

If you want to present yourself Selena-like in the summer, or if you are naturally blonde, we will tell you how you can optimally care for your hair and how you can maintain the color.

How is Selena Gomez wearing the look?

Actually, Selena is known for her wild mane with natural waves. But as a blonde, she withdraws and seems to tame her hair with the straightening iron. This creates a diva-like look that the 28-year-old looks great on.

What care does blonde hair need?

When it comes to taking care of your hair, it of course makes a difference whether you are a real blonde or whether you have given nature a helping hand. Natural blonde hair is usually very fine. So it is not surprising that blondes have significantly more hair on their heads than women with darker hair. As “experto.de” reports, blonde women have around 160,000 hairs while black-haired women only have around 90,000 hairs. The fine structure also requires special care.

  • Brushes should avoid blondes so as not to pull out the hair. Roughly notched combs are better.
  • Selena Gomez likes to tame her bleached hair in a tightly tied ponytail. Naturally blonde women should refrain from doing this and prefer to tie their fine hair with a loose ribbon.
  • Daily shampooing also puts undue stress on blonde hair. It is sufficient to use the shampoo every two days, which should be as mild as possible.
  • The hair dryer should also only be used in exceptional cases so that the sensitive blond hair does not dry out. It is better to air dry the hairstyle.
  • Even natural blonde hair can become darker, especially in the cold season. A rinse made from chamomile tea can act as a natural brightener.

How is the hair color retained?

If the hair is bleached, it takes a little effort to keep the beautiful color for as long as possible.

Build-up shampoo and conditioner strengthen the hair

The hair structure is broken up by bleaching. Pigments are also removed from the hair. It now needs special care, such as a build-up shampoo and a build-up conditioner. As with natural blonde hair, the product should not be used too often. It is completely sufficient to wash your hair every two days and then condition it with a conditioner.

Hair treatment for additional care

A special hair treatment should also be used once a week to provide your sensitive hair with valuable conditioning substances. Since bleaching dries out your hair, a conditioner for dry hair is the right choice. The conditioner is used instead of the conditioner. After applying, you can comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This is how you distribute the cure evenly. Then wrap your hair in a warm towel. This opens the cuticle and the hair treatment can penetrate better. After the exposure time indicated on the packaging, the hair treatment is rinsed out again.

Silver shampoo for the full blonde

In addition to the build-up shampoo, you can also use a so-called silver shampoo. With its blue and purple pigments, it ensures that your hair does not turn yellow, but that the full and bright blonde is retained.

Leave-in conditioner protects all day

A leave-in conditioner also belongs in the cosmetics cabinet of every colored blonde. It is not rinsed out after application and thus ensures that your hair is supplied with care substances all day and is also protected from harmful environmental influences.

Hair oil for that special shine

A hair oil is an alternative to the leave-in conditioner. It also cares for your hair all day, but also gives it a silky shine. To prevent your hair from looking greasy, you should use the hair oil sparingly. After a few tries, you will quickly find the right dosage.

Heat protection for styling

Of course, it’s best to let your bleached hair air dry. But every now and then it can also be styling. Before straightening irons or hairdryers are used, as with Selena Gomez, heat protection should always be applied so as not to stress your sensitive hair too much.

Sun protection for the hair

Not only hair dryers and straighteners, but also the aggressive UV rays of the sun can affect sensitive bleached hair. A stylish way to protect your hair is a sun hat, with which you can set a great fashionable accent. Or you can opt for a special hairspray with integrated sun protection.

That is why bleaching is worthwhile

The attractiveness researcher Ronald Henss explains on “news.de” https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/ why it is worthwhile to dye your hair blonde Looks at yourself “, the expert knows and reports from surveys, according to which blonde is clearly number 1 of the most popular hair colors for men.

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