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The most popular first names in Switzerland by canton

Probably a Mia – at least that was the name chosen most often in 2020. Image: shutterstock

Liam ousted from the top: These are the most popular first names in Switzerland

Mia and Noah were the most popular first names for newborns in Switzerland in 2020. Noah overtook Liam, which had been chosen the most frequently in the past two years.

There was no change at the top for the girls: Mia cleared again with 461 births. Emma was also able to defend her second place. Mila is new on the podium – this name was 6th last year.

Also new in the top 10 are the names Elena (previously 15th), Alina (19th) and Laura (17th) – but dropped out Lia (new 16th), Lara (11th) and Lena (18th).

Most popular girl names nationally:

  1. Mia: 461
  2. Emma: 407
  3. Mila: 350
  4. Emilia: 318
  5. Lina, Sofia: 312
  6. Elena, Lea: 266
  7. Alina: 256
  8. Laura: 248
  9. Lara: 246
  10. Anna: 241
  11. Ella, Nina, Olivia: 239

This is what it looks like when adults act like babies

Video: watson / Knackeboul, Madeleine Sigrist, Emily Engkent

After two years Liam ahead of Noah, the two front runners swapped places in 2020: Over 500 boys were christened Noah – this name clearly outperforms all others. As in the previous year, Matteo took third place.

Ben (previously ranked 15th) and Aaron (previously ranked 18th) are increasingly popular and, compared to last year, new to the top 10. David (new rank 12) and Samuel (rank 11) were pushed back a little.

Most popular boy names nationally:

  1. Noah: 507
  2. Liam: 372
  3. Matteo: 359
  4. Leon, Luca: 332
  5. Elias: 315
  6. Gabriel: 310
  7. Ben: 267
  8. Louis: 256
  9. Aaron: 251
  10. Samuel: 244
  11. David: 243
  12. Leo: 239
  13. Lio: 227
  14. Nico: 226

Regional favorites

The names that are most common nationally are naturally also those that work in several language regions. But the FSO also creates separate rankings: In German-speaking Switzerland, Mia and Noah were at the top, while in French-speaking Switzerland Emma and Gabriel won the race. In Italian-speaking Switzerland, Sofia and Leonardo came in first.

Most popular girl names by canton

Image: graphics: watson / data: bfs

Name trends are changing: This is what you would be called today

Because there were relatively few births in Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland, there are several names tied: Daria, Laura, Lea, Lorena and Yuna were chosen twice each (and thus already the most frequently). With the boys, Levin and Nic stood at the top of the podium with three newborns.

Most popular boy names by canton

Image: graphics: watson / data: bfs


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