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Kylie Jenner reveals what she eats in a day

By the way, according to the video, a drink dispenser with lemon water is available throughout the day so that Kylie does not become dehydrated. This should not only refresh, but also stimulate the metabolism. And for the perfect mineral content, Kylie drips a few drops of black liquid into her glass. These are so-called blk drops, which consist of fulvic acid and quickly supply the body with trace elements and electrolytes. A real celebrity insider tip that will soon spill over to Germany after this video.

Until dinner, here consisting of a mini portion of noodles, four stalks of asparagus and a side salad made from cucumber and rocket, Kylie apparently does without any other snacks. “I could never have so much control over my pasta portions,” writes one user in astonishment in the comments. Where he’s right….

And if you haven’t believed that Kylie also consumes carbs, you will be surprised at the end of the eating diary. Shortly before going to bed, the Starlett treats itself to freshly baked cookies with chocolate chips. And daughter Stormi is sure to be happy about this little sweet bite too.

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