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20 years after the first “Harry Potter”: This is what the actors look like today – star news

With leading actors Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton as his archenemy Draco Malfoy. This is what the two looked like when they were 12 years old. And so 20 years later. Both are barely recognizable. Three years ago, the two Harry Potter archenemies caused a tremor among the fans when they published this picture together: Interestingly, they are good friends in real life.

Hermione and Ron: This is what Emma Watson and Rupert Grint look like today

Emma Watson’s character “Hermione Granger” also didn’t like the arrogant “Draco Malfoy”. But the enmity on the screen has obviously not harmed Emma and Tom’s relationship either, because behind the scenes a real friendship has developed among them too. Emma Watson became a sought-after star through the Harry Potter films. She has gone through the most remarkable development and is now considered one of the most sought-after actresses worldwide.

The third in the league: Ronald Weasley. After the success and hype surrounding the Harry Potter films, Rupert Grint had withdrawn from the public. But in May last year, Rupert Grint published his first Instagram post. The reason: The Harry Potter actor and his girlfriend Georgia Groome announced that they had had a baby.

And this is what Harry’s mean cousin Dudley looks like today

Another Harry Potter actress has also started a family: Scarlett Hefner played Pansy Parkinson, one of the opponents of Harry, Ron and Hermione, in three “Harry Potter” films. The father of their first child is Playboy heir Cooper Hefner.

And what became of Harry Potter’s nasty cousin Dudley? Every Harry Potter fan knows Dudley Dursley, Harry’s mean, hated, spoiled and fat cousin. Dudley was played in all eight parts of the Harry Melling feature film series. He can hardly be recognized again. And that’s exactly what his luck is. While other child stars sink into insignificance after early success, Melling has had a remarkable career. As a serious actor, especially on stage – but not only.

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