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Dogecoin adorns the shirt of Premier League club Watford FC

You have to look very carefully to see it. (Image: Watford FC / Twitter)

British football club Watford FC have sewn the Dogecoin logo onto the left arm of their official jerseys. It is the first major football club in the world to promote the fun currency.

Watford FC is a pioneer for cryptocurrencies in international football. The Bitcoin logo has already been emblazoned on the jersey of the Watford FC soccer team as part of a sponsorship by the sports betting company The sewn bitcoin has now been replaced by the Dogecoin as part of a current sponsorship agreement.

The sleeve sponsorship is part of the agreement with the betting company, which has become a new supporter with Watford FC’s promotion to the top division this year. At, friends of football betting can pay for their stakes with crypto currencies and have their winnings paid out in crypto currencies. It’s understandable that is keen to get the names of important crypto assets into the minds of betting customers.

However, it takes a good eye and a certain affinity for crypto assets in general to recognize the yellow logo with the lighter yellow Shiba Inu and the even lighter yellow D on the yellow jersey of the top club’s athletes. is said to have taken around 820,000 euros for the sponsorship. According to the association, the amount was paid in an unnamed cryptocurrency. The British Premier League is a preferred destination for sponsors. According to UEFA, it is the most lucrative football league in the world with revenues of € 5.86 billion in 2019.

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After NFT began to prevail in the fashion world, crypto service providers became more interested in sport. For example, the Aston Martin Formula 1 team is sponsored by The new contract of the multiple world footballer Lionel Messi with the French champions Paris Saint Germain should contain “fan tokens” of the club.

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