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Next controversy? – Controversial Jordan Peterson discusses Bitcoin

Controversial Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson appears to have taken a liking to Bitcoin (BTC) in his recent podcast.

In the current episode of his podcast, Peterson asked whether “Bitcoin is the future of money?” A number of crypto experts were invited as guests, including bitcoin podcaster John Vallis, bitcoin developer The Gigi, director Richard James and hedge fund manager Robert Breedlove.

The highly intelligent Peterson, who claims to have an IQ of 150, sees great potential in Bitcoin and initially describes the added value of the crypto currency as follows:

“I find the idea very interesting that Bitcoin creates a non-corruptible language for value that is better than gold.”

As the episode progressed, the podcast host then asked his guests to describe what added value they thought Bitcoin could offer society. He then summarized the respective answers again in his own words in order to formulate a kind of basic understanding of Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is therefore completely transparent and completely decentralized. There is no central ruler. It cannot be hacked, it cannot be stolen, it is not subject to inflation, nor can it be artificially inflated, ”as Peterson sums up.

Although the psychologist is not known as a crypto fan, he may already know more about the asset class than it appears in the video, as he has been accepting donation payments in Bitcoin since 2018 after his Patreon account was blocked.

Peterson has spoken about blockchain technology many times in the past, including in January 2020 in a interview with Grant Blaisdell said:

“This new technology solves a number of problems, but we can be damned sure that it will create a whole host of new ones too.”

In the current podcast, the moderator also asked his guests about the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. Here he explicitly referred to the environmental concerns associated with mining Bitcoin, which a few weeks ago came into public discussion in prominent form from Elon Musk and Tesla.

The crypto experts were of the unanimous opinion that the energy expenditure required for Bitcoin is absolutely justified, given the almost revolutionary added value that the market-leading cryptocurrency offers society. Gigi believes that there are conflicting goals between resource consumption and added value everywhere: “Are cars worth it? Are smartphones worth it? Is the internet worth it? “

Peterson concluded that if Bitcoin’s promises are kept, the effort is quite acceptable:

“However much energy has to be used to operate Bitcoin, it would all be outweighed by the fact that Bitcoin creates an increase in efficiency as a means of transaction at all levels.”

“All in all, we would save energy, not lose energy, if we put all areas together. It is a mistake to just look at costs without considering the efficiency gains that Bitcoin will bring, ”concluded Peterson.

Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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