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Mini Tattoos of the Stars: Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid – People

He is the master of mini-motifs!

In the studios of tattoo artist Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena in New York and Los Angeles, the biggest stars were already clawing at the cushion of the tattoo lounger. Hailey Baldwin (24), Kylie (23) and Kendall (25) Jenner, Bella Hadid (24), Sofia Richie (22), Kaia Gerber (19) – all currently heavily hip models and it girls let Valena prick a touch of ink under their skin, but really only a touch!

Because only those who want to be stung as finely and delicately as possible come to JonBoy. Among the Hollywood beauties, he is famous for his mini tattoos, even in hidden places. On Instagram, the artist gives insights into the decorated body parts of the stars – but we were almost denied this sight, because Valena actually wanted to become a youth priest, but the church for which he worked demonized his tattoo art.

He broke off his education, remained faithful to God in spirit and became THE celebrity tattoo artist par excellence within the last 18 years. He owes his big breakthrough in the world of the rich and beautiful to his good friend Hailey Bieber. The model and JonBoy know each other from the megachurch “Hillsong”, better known as the hipster church. He stung her first mini tattoo and Hailey was so thrilled that the next time she brought her friends Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The rest is history.

Please take a close look – here you can see the cute Heimlich tattoos of the stars!

★ Bella Hadid’s arm hides a small rose petal, a delicate wing on her foot – after all, she is a real “Victoria’s Secret” angel.

★ Kylie Jenner’s arm is adorned with a tiny “Stormi” lettering, her daughter’s name.

★ model Kaia Gerber was inspired for her tattoo by Pablo Picasso’s “Face of Peace”

★ Hailey Bieber now wears several tattoos of her buddy JohnBoy, including this fine mini heart on the collarbone

★ can’t be more secret: Kendall Jenner had her lower lip tattooed from THE INSIDE! What does it say? “Meow”, to German: “Meow”

★ This love gets under your skin! Behind model Ashley Graham’s ear hide the initials of her husband Justin Ervin.

★ You really have to look twice: Actress Ashley Benson with delicate “California” lettering on her back and a funny smiley face on her finger

★ Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan with a subboob mini tattoo. The initials CM stand for both her mother Catherine Mziray and her sister Celina Mziray.

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