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Johnny Depp: Does ex-wife Amber Heard conceal the divorce money? – Entertainment

The marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was divorced in 2016. Photo: Jaguar PS/

Johnny Depp once again accuses ex-wife Amber Heard of lying. Did she perhaps not use her severance pay for charity as announced?

The feud between Johnny Depp (57) and ex-wife Amber Heard (34, “Aquaman”) reaches a new chapter. It’s about money, alleged lies and embezzlement. Heard is said to have donated the severance payment of the divorce, a proud seven million dollars, not as announced, but flowed into his own pocket. Depp and his legal team now apparently sense their chance, reports the British “Daily Mail”.

In the year of the divorce, 2016, Heard had stated that she was not dependent on her ex-husband’s money and wanted to use the severance pay for charity instead. Both a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and a nonprofit civil rights organization should receive appropriate donations from her. But the money has never arrived, Depp’s lawyers now want to have learned. Only 100,000 dollars had received the hospital once, 3.5 million dollars had promised Heard to the facility.

Did Heard lie under oath?

The newspaper also reports on a correspondence that has surfaced, in which the hospital is said to have inquired with the actress in June 2019 whether she would still fulfill her promise. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star now wants to take advantage of this letter.

In a Testimony in February 2020, Heard said she had “donated the entire amount of my divorce agreement to charity.” A lie? If this were the case, Depp could cite it as evidence in his de liment lawsuit against his ex-wife. He had submitted this in 2019 after Heard had described himself as a victim of domestic violence in an article in the “Washington Post”.

Heard takes a stand

Heard has already commented on the latest allegations. Through her lawyer, the actress said that she had already “donated a seven-figure amount to charity and intends to continue donating and ultimately fulfill her promise.”

For the delay in payments, the actress blames her ex-husband and his lawsuit. Heard was “forced” to “spend millions of dollars to defend Mr. Depp’s false accusations against her,” Deadline quoted from a statement from the lawyer.

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