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Jennifer Lawrence: First Oscar – today flop

Jennifer Lawrence had a steep career start – the young actress can already look forward to 4 Oscars and has played the leading role in such blatant film franchises as “The Hunger Games” and “X-Men”. In the meantime, however, their high flight seems to have ended – are the fans tired of Lawrence? The actress herself once admitted that she is one of the rather unfriendly stars. Is there a connection? Or is it because the star doesn’t use Instagram and the fans are slowly distancing themselves from her? We took a closer look!

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2008 was THE year for Lawrence

In 2008, the then 17-year-old actress was allowed to show what she is capable of in three major films – and was more than convincing at the time! She played a role in “Garden Party”, “On Burning Earth” and “The Poker House” – and attracted Hollywood’s attention. With “Winter’s Bone” (2010) she had been able to convince the last critics. The role opened the last big doors of Hollywood for her and she was able to prove her skills as “Mystique” in “X-Men: First Decision” to a large mainstream audience in 2011. A year later, she got the lead role in the “Hunger Games” franchise and thrilled as Katniss Everdeen. While “X-Men” was already a huge success (the film took in over 300 million euros), “Hunger Games” topped everything once again: The first part alone took over 700 million euros! But the success should not last forever.

The current films don’t even arrive

Even though Lawrence is still one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood sky 10 years later, her name on the movie poster is no longer a guarantee for full box office. Her current films are being torn apart by critics, which many see as the reason why Lawrence is no longer so well received by fans.Jennifer Lawrence’s declining popularity can probably be explained by the gruesome reviews of her current films.“, writes a fan. Since 2016, all films in which Lawrence starred have been terribly rated – a look at the rating portal confirms this assumption. 😯 The films were not a financial flop – but the audience was anything but enthusiastic. Some fans also say that she is not a really good actress, as you would clearly recognize “Jennifer” in all her roles. Her latest film, “Don’t Look Up,” which will soon be released on Netflix, will show if she can turn things around again.

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