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Cardano (great project): A crash will come!

Cardano with almost 30% performance in the last 48 hours, after the community longs for the early start of Alonzo Purple. This should make DEFIs possible. But that’s not all. Cardano has many more exciting plans. Why I still believe in a sell-out is the subject of today’s issue.

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Dr. Esnaashari

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About the author:

Dr. Hamed Esnaashari is a medical doctor and specialist in surgery. He discovered his passion for the financial markets with a focus on precious metals during his studies. During the years of his active trading he developed the formation trader trading system that he later refined with his business partner Silvio Graß.

As the founder of Formationtrader GbR, he analyzes the raw material and financial markets in his daily videos. Together with Silvio Grass, he offers private and institutional stock exchange participants investment and trading coaching.

In addition to his activities in the financial markets, he is co-founder and chief financial officer of the Hong Kong-based company “LTB Limited”, which produces a new type of training box including a curriculum for students and surgeons in advanced training.

About the company:

Formation traders – the channel for regular analyzes and explanations on the subject of the stock market. The technical chart analyzes can deal with commodities, stocks, currencies or indices. The formation traders offer a training program – the mentor program for active investors, traders and day traders.

Further information can be found on the website

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