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Apple and Netflix fight over rights to spy film

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Apple and Netflix are apparently fighting over a spy film that could have what it takes for an Oscar: Both streaming services are interested in as many awards as possible for their catalog, while Apple has clearly set its priorities here, Netflix is more economically positioned.

Currently, a kind of bidding battle for a new feature film is apparently taking place. Apple and Netflix are currently competing for the latest movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Paolo Sorrentino, with astronomical sums at stake. As recently reported by industry services, the bids have recently reached a volume of 80 million dollars, but the end of the flagpole has not yet been reached. The sums offered could continue to rise.

Jennifer Lawrence and Paolo Sorrentino can be seen on Netflix in “Don’t Loop Up” and soon in The Hand of God. The production, so fiercely contested by Apple and Netflix, will be a superhero/agent thriller.

Apple TV+ aims for many awards

Apple TV+ still has a very clear offer, compared to Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime and that won’t change anytime soon. Apple’s clear goal here seems to be to adorn itself with as many Oscars, Emmys and other popular awards as possible and thus to be able to build up a stronger traction for Apple TV+, a project that is still largely unsuccessful, as we had recently reported.

Apple invests huge sums in Apple TV+ and can easily afford what becomes clear when looking at the balance sheets. However, it remains to be seen whether the extensive investment will ever pay off even in fractions.

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