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Kylie Jenner In The “WAP” Music Video: Cardi B Justifies Herself

Cardi B (27) justifies herself for the cast in her new music video! Together with Megan Thee Stallion, the rapper released her new single “WAP” and accompanying clip last Friday. In the video, there was a lot to discover for the fans: Kylie Jenner (23), Normani Kordei or Rosalía had cameo appearances in it. The brief appearance of make-up entrepreneur Kylie caused a special stir: While the other women rap, perform or dance, she only walks a few steps and opens a door. Therefore, a dispute broke out on the net, to which Cardi now expressed – she took Kylie in protection.

Previously, a user had on Twitter stated: “Normani dances so blatantly and Kylie just walk down a hallway and open a door. If that doesn’t show again that black women have to do more and more and a white woman delivers the absolute minimum and thus gets just as far, then I don’t know either.” There was a lot of virtual encouragement for this opinion. In response to the criticism, “WAP” performer Cardi replied: “Normani is one of the best artists and dancers. Why should she open a door? Please tell me what kind of sense that would have for a dancer.” Kylie However, she also found supporters: Other users were of the opinion that she had had an appropriate appearance as a model in the video.

Cardi also made it clear that her art would not be permanently about ethnicities: “There are a lot of problems in the world that I talk about all the time. But this is not the point.” Nevertheless, a petition with more than 60,000 signatures against Kylies Appearance, which has the goal of cutting her appearance out of the clip. Cardi justified her decision as follows: “Why I Kylie in the video? She was so kind to my sister and child at her daughter’s birthday party. Her ex Travis (28) and my husband Offset (28) are good friends and her mother Kris Jenner (64) gave me a lot of advice.”

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