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Cardi B plans longer break from the public

April 08, 2021 – Stefan Angele

“I’m going to disappear for a very long time,” rapper Cardi B shocks her fans with this news. The megastar wants to withdraw completely from the public eye for a long time to work on her new album.

Work on the album currently paused

In 2018, “Invasion of Privacy” was the musician’s last album. After that, according to her own statement, she would have started working on the next album, but the corona crisis would have put a spanner in the works. On the one hand, she would somehow not have the drive to continue working on the album due to the pandemic and on the other hand, she could not promote the album properly because of the crisis or even go on tour with it. “Actually, I wanted to publish the thing last year, but the whole corona crisis pulled me down so much that I left it,” Cardi B told XXL Magazine.

Cardi B wants to retire

“It just doesn’t make sense to promote an album when I’m sitting in front of a computer at my house and talking in there. I want to meet people and talk to them. That’s just much better,” she sums up the situation so far. But with the success of the American vaccination campaign, Cardi B also seems to be slowly regaining hope that things could soon go uphill again. But before there is new music, Cardi B will probably disappear for the time being. She told the magazine: “I want to release my album this year. But before that, I’m sure I’ll disappear for a long time to finish the album.” It would take her a week to prepare everything and then she would be gone. So it can go faster than the fans would like. But for that we will probably be rewarded with new music at the end of the year…

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