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Block trainer with religious incendiary speech – everything will crash against Bitcoin!

Block trainer with a religious incendiary speech about Bitcoin

As is well known, the block trainer is an absolute fan of Bitcoin (here the discussion with Markus Fugmann). His argument: everything can be increased at will, just not Bitcoin.

Block Trainer: The Bitcoin Creed

A few minutes ago, the block trainer formulated a kind of creed about Bitcoin – a fiery speech that has a lot to do with whether you follow your thesis or not:

“You can own real estate, you can own oil, no matter what you own: nothing will be as rare as Bitcoin. Everything becomes less valuable over time due to inflation. Everything – except Bitcoin “.

And block trainer further: “Bitcoin is 100% secure (FMW: phew ..) be rarer and a better store of value and time than anything else “. As soon as people realize this, real estate prices, gold, etc. would crash in relation to Bitcoin.

Is limitation enough to become more and more valuable?

Today, in any case, the leading cryptocurrency is worth a little less in relation to FIAT currencies such as dollars and euros (approx. 4.5%) – but don’t forget, the question is whether Roman (the block trainer) is right with his long-term prognosis .

Is limitation alone enough to generate steady increases in value? Questionable – because there are things in human history that are becoming less important, no matter how rare they are.

And what about in practice – is Bitcoin really a means of payment suitable for the masses that makes other payment systems superfluous? Probably not – the Lightning network also has certain problems.

As long as Bitcoin has not passed the real baptism of fire – namely, how it behaves when the markets really crash – the question raised by Blocktrainer remains unanswered. However, there are some indications that the cryptocurrency would then meet the same fate as other assets: in crash situations, liquidity dries up – and drying up liquidity almost always means falling prices, because the potential buyers lose the liquidity by the falling Stop knife.

But maybe we’re wrong – and the block trainer is right. Either way: rarely seen such a passion as in this video. That has definitely religious traits. Is Bitcoin predominantly a religious community – that works as long as there are enough believers?

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