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Bitcoin: Monster rally cracks important hurdle

The mood in the crypto market is better than it has been in a long time. All major currencies have been up for three weeks. The key currency Bitcoin has now overcome an important hurdle. This is a strong sign of medium-term development.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues its rally over the course of the week and has now recaptured the GD200 at $ 45,118. This is a strong sign that the cops are firmly in control. The price for a BTC has increased by around 57 percent since July 21.

However, the sharp rise now increases the risk of a setback. The rate corrected by twelve percent at the turn of the month, but since then it has risen by a further 24 percent. This makes it more and more likely that profits will be taken again. Investors should pay particular attention to the psychologically important $ 47,000 mark, which is where technical resistance resides. This again increases the risk of profit-taking.

BTC daily chart in USD

The overall situation remains promising, however, and the trend would be intact even after a double-digit correction. Initial support is at $ 42,400. A little lower, at $ 40,550, is the GD20 as an additional support.

Cryptocurrencies have been in rally mode for three weeks and there is no end in sight. In the short term, however, profit-taking can also occur with Bitcoin. However, the trend is strong and the price has now climbed again above the GD200 at $ 45,118. An important sign of positive medium-term development, the long-term perspective remains promising anyway.

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