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“That’s insane!” Ina Aogo in tears after foul by Daniela Büchner

“That’s insane!” Ina Aogo in tears after foul by Daniela Büchner

Photo: IMAGO / Jan Huebner

08/11/2021 02:20 PM

With “Celebrity Big Brother” the nerves are slowly bare. Much to the delight of the spectators. The result: a galaxy of emotions and tears. Daniela Büchner doesn’t like Ina Aogo and makes no secret of it. This is a significant affect for Ina.

And so the current episode will be a turbulent journey through the vastness of “Celebrity Big Brother” space. Because an insidious galaxy of emotions roams the orbit of the space station and the Big Planet and shakes up the prominent space travelers with gossip, tears and longings.

A zigzag duel between Ina Aogo and Danni Büchner

Opening the connecting hatch with access to sunlight and seeing the planet again should be cause for joy in the space station. But far from it: When the residents meet, player’s wife Ina Aogo bursts into tears. The reason: A foul by Daniela Büchner.

What exactly is the dispute about? You can see this in the video here

Dannis Art makes Ina cry

“It’s just too much for me,” Ina cries out at the open hatch. “I’m not used to this way. How disgusting you can be. I don’t know that. Only from my childhood, when you were jealous. But so for no reason, I don’t understand it. She just told me: I don’t talk to you anymore, only when there are matches. Otherwise I don’t want you to address me.” Mimi Gwozdz is stunned: “That’s what she said? What does she think she is?”

Stress among chickens. How this is done exactly, you can see in the video.

Payton Ramolla provides information

Influencer Payton Ramolla clarifies: “She said she doesn’t want to have stress: if they don’t talk, they can’t yell at each other.” Ina: “But I never yelled at her. And then she says: The audience sees everything.” Gitta, Marie, Mimi, Payton and Heike try to build up the player’s wife. “Don’t take them so seriously,” advises Heike.

What does Melanie Müller’s husband say about her tearful appearance? The answer can be found here in the video.

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