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Jennifer Aniston went to therapy for false baby headlines

It has been in the spotlight for 30 years. Jennifer Aniston’s love life has therefore always been a found food for the tabloid media – especially among well-known ex-men such as Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux. However, it was the speculation about pregnancies and babies that were the reason why the 52-year-old went to therapy, as she now told.

She told People magazine: “My own family members believed what they read about me. They challenged me and wanted to know the truth. That was very hard, especially when they sent me gifts for my alleged child.”

Jennifer Aniston: “I’m just a human being”

The headlines that constantly made her an expectant mother were difficult for her to process: “I’m also just a person who walks around with a target on his head.” In order to cope with the mental stress, Aniston visited a therapist “who helped me a lot.” At some point, she came to a point where the headlines about alleged pregnancies with twins or an imminent walk to the altar no longer came close to her: “I got to know myself better. And I was able to reduce my stress through yoga and meditation.” Aniston then also spoke a word of power to her family members: “I said, ‘How many more years will it take you to ignore all the nonsense in the notebooks?'”

Aniston also reveals that she is single right now. However, dating apps are not an option for her: “Absolutely not. I will only accept normal appointments where someone approaches me and wants to carry me out. That’s how I prefer it.” Another marriage in life is not on her wish list: “I don’t need documents announcing something like this. I’m more focused on finding a fantastic partner, enjoying my life with them and having fun with them.” And if she can no longer find a man for life? Then she is also happy with her dogs. She has a schnauzer mongrel named Clyde, a pit-bull mix named Sophie and a Pyrenean dog rescued from animal asylum named Lord Chesterfield at home: “They bring me great joy.”

Jennifer Aniston only wants good-humoured colleagues

In his job, however, Aniston has clear ideas. If you want to work with Jennifer Aniston, you need a positive work attitude. “Life is too short,” said the 52-year-old. She has a rule for filming: “If you don’t enjoy this process and have fun, then you can’t join the party, sorry. We are very lucky to be able to do what we do.”

Among other things, Aniston is executive producer of the Apple TV Plus series “The Morning Show”, in which she is in front of the camera alongside fellow actor Reese Witherspoon. The second season of the series, which premiered in 2019, is scheduled for release in September.

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